This is the online feature that is bringing all recreation programs a little closer together. The new calendar has been added to the homepage of our website, allowing for viewing ease for upcoming events this semester. This schedule has the time and dates of all activities going on at Campus Recreation. This includes Group Fitness classes, Mind and Body classes, Outdoor Program events, Intramural Sports registration dates, Drop-In Schedules, building hours, and so much more. 

If you have questions about what is happening at our facility, likely, this is where you will find the information you need. The new feature is a Google Calendar that can be accessed from any online platform, through our website. You can select the events that are most helpful to your own schedule and add these to your own calendar. You can even set reminders for events you’re interested in. Click HERE to take a look at the updated calendar. To choose the events that interest you the most, click on the +GoogleCalendar icon, in the bottom right of the feature. 

Program Specific Schedules 

If you are not fond of change, have no fear! We still have PDF schedules for each specific program listed in the links below. These schedules can also be found on the website under each program’s tab

Check out each of our amazing programs to find what is best suited for your own busy schedule!