Best College Reviews has listed Colorado State University as the second best school for the outdoors in a list of 35 campuses, right behind Stanford University, and followed by the University of Colorado in Boulder. CSU’s vast and beautiful campus, as well as its easy access to the Rocky Mountains, were just two of the factors that helped the campus stand-out. 

From the article:


CSU has a beautiful and many-faceted campus, with 583 acres in central Fort Collins, as well as a 1,438 Foothills campus, a 1,575 acre agricultural campus, and 4,043 acres in research stations and Colorado State Forest Service stations. Similarly to Boulder, Fort Collins is at the foot of the Rockies. In between the town and mountains (and adjacent to the Foothill Campus) lies Horsetooth Reservoir, six and a half miles of water that can be used for fishing, boating, swimming, skiing, and scuba diving.

Outdoor student organizations at CSU include airsoft, fishing, climbing, mountaneering, Nordic skiing, skydiving, snowboarding, English riding, jousting, logging sports, longboarding, mountain horse riding, the outdoor club, and the Heisenberg Society (trebuchet builders).

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Men’s Health online named Colorado State University’s Campus Recreation to their “Top 11 College Gyms” list in 2014. 

From the Article:

As the eighth-most-active state, according to a 2013 report from United Health Foundation, you would expect Colorado’s schools to house some spectacular recreation options. With a renovation that added 70,000 square feet to the building, the Colorado State University Campus Recreation Center is the crown jewel of the campus. “It went from a rectangular box with no connection to the outside to glass windows everywhere,” says David Frock, chair of the 2013 Outstanding Sports Facility Award Committee for the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association. “The cardio weight area has one wall with huge double-decker glass looking out at the mountains.” 

The center also has five fitness studios, offering yoga, Tabata, TRX, and Zumba, as well as 33 acres of outdoor sand volleyball and basketball courts, an inline rink, and playing fields. Even the climbing walls offer many choices, including a standard indoor climbing wall, an outdoor bouldering area, and a wall that rises out of a pool, complete with waterfall and grotto wired with LED lights and music. Climb a route, then let go to plunge into the deep end. Memberships are not available to the general public. 


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