Are you looking ahead to spring semester already? So are we! As you set your New Year’s Resolutions (or as you continue working toward whatever health goals you have), keep Campus Recreation in mind! We are here for YOU!

Check out all of the programs, activities, and events planned and get a preview of schedules as they are finalized! Note – schedules are subject to change slightly (and we will update them here if they do). 

Campus Rec Calendar – New for 2018!

Also new this semester is the Campus Rec Calendar. Now you can view EVERYTHING that is happening in the department of Campus Recreation in one place – an easy-to-navigate Google calendar. All program areas and activity dates are there, including: Intramural Sports, Group Fit Classes, Mind/Body Classes, Cycle Classes, Sport Clubs team home games, Swim Lessons, Red Cross Classes, Drop-In, Outdoor Program Trip Schedule, Climbing Wall activities, special events, and more!

Easily add a class or program to your own calendar using Google’s export feature! If a class is cancelled or a time changes, the calendar will be updated weekly to reflect the change. Woo!

Spring 2018 Schedules


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Article by Bailey McCaffrey

Campus Recreation is excited to welcome our newest building addition, the Floor One Weight Room. This opening will double the amount of lifting and weights space provided, and offers features that have never been seen before in our weight room.

Opening information

The new room will open on Jan. 16th, on the first day of classes in the 2018 spring semester. This opening is just in time for New Years resolutions or for turning your holiday meals into muscle. After time spent planning and building, Campus Recreation is welcoming our Rec’ing Rams home from Winter Break with a new, beautiful, and fully complete, new weight room. 

The first week back from break (Jan. 16-19) brings a reason to celebrate the new room and the new year. Tabling events will be held from the 16th to the 18th of January to inform Rams about the new addition. There will also be a ribbon cutting event outside the new space from 4:30- 6:30pm on Friday, Jan. 19. There will be prize giveaways, including t-shirts given to the first 100 people to visit the table. At this event, you will be able to ask questions and become informed about the new space.

The new weight room is located on the north side of the basketball courts, in the area nearest to Studio 3. There will be signs throughout the facility indicating where to find it. This room can be accessed from the basketball courts on floor one, or from the track on floor two. When entering into the area, please be respectful to other Rec’ing Rams by walking on the outside of the courts and the track to keep from interrupting these workout areas.

Bags, coats, and other personal belongings will not be allowed on the floors of the new facility, just as throughout the rest of our building. There will be cubbies to the left side of the room to store your items, or you can use the lockers located on the fitness floors.


Although the new area has all the same capabilities as the current weight area, the equipment filling the space is more versatile for extended use. The addition of Olympic lifting platforms in the weight room means that Olympic lifting is now offered at our facility!

The existing weight room on the second floor was feeling left out from the renovation, so Campus Recreation decided it needed a makeover as well. By the start of the spring semester, you can expect to see lots of new equipment. Make sure to check out all of the weight areas to find which spaces fit best with your workouts.

Olympic Lifting

The biggest change coming from this addition is the Olympic lifting capabilities. This will only be offered in specified areas in the new weight room, but will not be permitted in other spaces. Grade-A chalk will be provided for the Olympic lifting areas. No outside chalk will be allowed. To respect other patrons, please help us keep the chalk in its designated areas to stop it from spreading throughout the facility. There are also bumper plates designed to use on the Olympic lifting platforms. All other weights should be kept off these machines.

If you have an interest in learning Olympic lifting techniques, you can sign up with one of our four Personal Trainers who are certified in the sport. Other opportunities and events surrounding the new weight room may exist in the future, so keep updated about whats happening on our website, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow our Snapchat to see sneak peaks into the weight room before it opens.


This is a welcoming environment for every Ram at every ability level. Hurtful behavior and language is prohibited in this area, just as it is throughout the entire Student Recreation Center. We are thankful for the inclusive atmosphere here at Campus Recreation, and are expecting only great things to come from this new weight space.

We are excited to share our Floor One Weight Room with our Rec’ing Rams. Come into Campus Recreation and check out all the new things we have in store!