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Campus Recreation offers swim lessons & training to suit a variety of experience levels. Whether you are new to the water or want to focus on improving your stroke, these classes are tailored to make you as comfortable as possible and increase your skill set.  Participants of all skill levels are welcome!

All lessons & training are open to Student Recreation Center members only. The Swim lesson & training registration form must be completed online prior to registering for private lessons:

Once you fill this out, we will work as quickly as possible to pair you up with an instructor. If there are no available instructors at that time, you will be put on a waitlist and notified when one becomes available.

If you have any questions, please contact Cassie Moreau at cassandra.moreau@colostate.edu

All lessons & training are priced at $20 per session. We offer 3 lessons pack, 6 lessons, pack, and 9 lessons pack. Once you are paired with an instructor, you will work together to schedule dates and times that work best with your schedule, and each lesson will last 1 hour.

  • 3 lesson pack: $60
  • 6 lesson pack: $120
  • 9 lesson pack: $180

Adult swim training is open to all abilities! Our instructors are trained to teach all abilities how to swim and perfect their strokes. If you would like a most specific description of the American Red Cross swim lessons levels, please see below:

Levels 1-2

Designed for adults new to the water with minimal or no aquatic experience. The goal of this group class is to help individuals overcome fear of the water and to introduce fundamental aquatic skills and personal water safety. Skills introduced include water orientation, flutter kicking, floating, and stroke development.

  • Safe practices in and around water
  • Proper use of swimming equipment (fins, kickboard, and pull buoy)
  • Swim underwater for 10 yards
  • Rotary breathing
  • In chest-deep water, perform a front float for 5 seconds, roll to back, float for 5 seconds then return to a vertical position.

Levels 3-4

For adults who are comfortable swimming in water and are looking to learn proper stroke technique. Skills include front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke and treading.

  • Tread water for 30 seconds in deep water
  • Perform open turns
  • Perform dolphin kick for 10 yards
  • Swim all strokes for at least 25 yards (one length)
  • Travel at least 5 yards, submerge 3 times, and exit the water.
  • Glide on front at least 5 yards, roll to a back float for 3 seconds and recover to a vertical position.

Levels 5-6

For adults looking to perfect their technique to increase speed and endurance. Skills taught include introduction and endurance training for front crawl and back crawl, refining breaststroke, introduction to sidestroke and butterfly, open turns and flip turns. You’ll learn to coordinate and refine key strokes for better endurance.

  • Push off and swim using combined arm and leg actions on front for 10 yards, roll to back, float for 15 seconds, roll to the front then continue swimming for 10 yards.
  • Swim elementary backstroke for 10 yards
  • Swim side stroke for 10 yards
  • Swim 25 yards of breaststroke and butterfly
  • Swim 50-100 yards of freestyle and backstroke

Meet the Swim Lesson Instructors!

Luke (He/Him)

 Education: Major in Computer Engineering


About me: I am a current sophomore studying Computer Engineering. I have taught all levels of swimming up to a swim team level and am comfortable teaching any level!

Ella (She/Her)

Education: Majoring in Business


About me: I am a current sophomore and I have taught classes ranging from 2 years old up to 24 years olds in all levels. I worked at a pool in my hometown teaching group and private lessons for all age groups but also went to people’s houses and taught private lessons. I can teach any level, but I like teaching people that have a little background in swimming so I can help them learn the strokes better. A fun fact about me is that I have been competitively swimming since I was 4!

Kaitlyn (She/Her)

Education: Major in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Professions


About me: I have been Water Safety Instructor certified for the past two years and worked with all ages ranging from 2 months to 34 years old. I prefer to work to improve stroke specifics/techniques. However, I am comfortable teaching all levels! I swam competitively for 8 years and made the varsity swim team my sophomore year of high school! A fun fact about me is that my favorite animal is a shark!

Riley (She/Her)

Education: Major in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability with minors in Environmental Affairs and Spanish


About me: I just got my Water Safety Instructor certification but have been teaching swim lessons for 5 years and have taught all levels from beginner to advanced throughout a variety of ages! I prefer to teach beginner levels. A fun fact about me is that I got scuba diving certified last semester while studying abroad in Panama!

Amelia (She/Her)

Education: Major in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability with a Minor in environmental affairs


About me: Hi, I am recently Water Safety Instructor certified and I have previously taught swim lessons ranging from beginner to advanced primarily to kids! I also swam competitively in highschool and I used to teach swim lessons in a river through a sailing camp!

Adelle (She/Her)

Education: Major in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience with a minor in Mathematical Biology


About me: I am new to teaching swim lessons however I have swam competitively for the past twelve years and would prefer to help those at a more intermediate or advanced level looking to improve their strokes or other skills!

LJ (She/Her)

Education: Major in Natural Resource Tourism


About me: I am a current sophomore studying Natural Resource Tourism! I have been teaching swim lessons for two years at my cabana club at home and I would prefer to teach beginners!

Julia (She/Her)

Eduction: Major in Forest & Rangeland Stewardship with a minor in Forest Management; Major in Sociology with Minor in Criminology


About me: I had my Water Safety Instructor (WSI) from 2015-2018, and am now WSI recertified! ! have taught swim lessons since 2015! I’ve taught every age from half a month old to 32 years old! A fun fact about me is that I am extremely passionate about the outdoors, especially backpacking; I co-founded a backpacking club at my old school, and I currently own a business where I plan trips for people!

Traeli (She/Her)

Education: Majoring in Integrated Visual Studies on a Pre-Dental track


About me: I have my Water Safety Instructor certification and have taught swim lessons for 5 years. I’ve taught both private lessons and group lessons. I prefer to teach upper level swim lessons and improve stroke techniques! Also, I have participated in the swim team for 9 years!