Come Drop-In with us!! Drop-In is a great way to spontaneously meet new people and have some fun. Activities include table tennis, pickleball, volleyball, badminton, basketball, racquetball, indoor soccer, sand volleyball, and indoor volleyball and hours vary per activity.

Don’t have equipment? Don’t worry! We’ve got paddles and balls and racquets (oh my!) available for checkout at the Equipment Desk near the basketball courts and outdoor equipment available at the Service Center. And it is all FREE to members.

In addition, our studios, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, and outdoor sand volleyball courts are always available for drop-in use whenever there isn’t a scheduled reservation or class, making it easy for you and your fellow Rammies to throw together some last minute recreation.

For questions or concerns or for disability-related accommodations, contact the Facilities Coordinator- (970) 491-4125.