Come Drop-In with us!! Drop-In is a great way to spontaneously meet new people and have some fun. Activities include table tennis, pickleball, volleyball, badminton, basketball, racquetball, indoor soccer, sand volleyball, and indoor volleyball and hours vary per activity.

Don’t have equipment? Don’t worry! We’ve got paddles and balls and racquets (oh my!) available for checkout at the Equipment Desk near the basketball courts and outdoor equipment available at the Service Center. And it is all FREE to members.

In addition, our studios, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, and outdoor sand volleyball courts are always available for drop-in use whenever there isn’t a scheduled reservation or class, making it easy for you and your fellow Rammies to throw together some last minute recreation.

Download the Drop-in schedule from the Google Drive link above. 

Please visit our closures page for any changes to the Drop-in activities schedule.

The Student Recreation Center is open for Drop-in recreation and activities all hours the building is open. Exceptions are made for special events and advanced notice is given when possible. All hours are subject to change based on event scheduling in the Student Recreation Center.

  • Volleyball: Mac Gym
  • Indoor Soccer: Mac Gym
  • Badminton: Mac Gym
  • Table Tennis: Student Recreation Center Studio 1
  • Basketball: Main Gym
  • Pickleball: Mac Gym
  • Racquetball: Moby Racquetball Courts
    • To reserve a court:
    1. Login into the Fusion Online Portal with your ename and password (If your login doesn’t work, please send an email to requesting an online login.)
    2. Click the courts option in on the top right banner bar
    3. Click racquetball courts under Select Court in the left column
    4. Click “Reserve” to reserve a time frame that works well for you (this can only happen within 1 day of when you want the reservation)
    5. Select “Add Participants by NAME” and then “Reserve Now”
    6. You should receive an email to your email account that is assigned to your Fusion account
    7. You will see a red box on the Fusion Portal saying court reserved successfully
    8. If you click on the racquetball courts again you will see the time slot you reserved displayed as RESERVED
    9. To delete your reservation – go back to the online portal and once logged in, the top right corner should display your login name. Click that to access your account
    10. Scroll down to court reservations and click cancel to remove your reservation
    • Reservations can only be made within 24 hours of the time slot you are interested in reserving
    • 2 hour time block max per person/day
    • 1 court max reservation per person/day

The following equipment is available for daily checkout to members at the Service Center for free: outdoor basketballs, sand volleyballs, outdoor soccer balls, softball gloves, frisbees, cones, kickballs, and footballs.

The following equipment is available for daily checkout to members at the Equipment Desk for free: table tennis equipment, basketballs, volleyballs, boxing gloves, wrist rollers, badminton equipment, pickleball paddles and pickleballs, jump ropes, hula hoops, soccer goalie gloves, TRX bands, and velcro cuff straps for cable machines.

For more information, please call 491-6359 (option 9).