Yoga has a very deep history and is an important part of life for millions of people globally. It is a practice founded on the idea that yoga is for everybody. Yoga in the West, however, has largely done a poor job of being inclusive to people of color, people with disabilities, people from low-income backgrounds, and people with other marginalized identities. One step toward solving these problems is to have more diversity among yoga teachers. This is why Campus Recreation is offering the Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship.

In alignment with Campus Recreation’s values, our yoga program is committed to offering a space inclusive of all backgrounds, body types, genders, experience levels, belief systems and identities. We strive to hire a diverse team of instructors, to make inclusion a pillar of our program, and to constantly challenge ourselves to grow.

Yoga teacher trainings (Y.T.T.) require a large commitment of time and money, and this is a common barrier for people to obtain a certification. Therefore, this need-based scholarship awards the registration cost for a Y.T.T. to one Colorado State University (C.S.U.) student with at least two years left until graduation with a passion for yoga who would like to join the yoga instructor team at C.S.U. Campus Recreation.

Yoga scholarship applications are due August 25, 2022.

Questions? Contact the Assistant Director of Fitness at or (970) 491-5682.