Expand the titles below for information on all of Campus Recreation’s safety policies and procedures, including weather shelters, AED locations, security cameras, and more.

Colorado State University utilizes the ThorGuard lightning prediction and warning system on campus.  One of the sensors is located on top of the Student Recreation Center.

  • Red alert signal: One (15 second) long blast from the horn and a strobe light on the assembly begins intermittently flashing.
    • If the conditions appear unsafe and a red alert alarm has not sounded, common sense should be your guide and activities should still cease despite the absence of a Thor Guard warning.
    • All outdoor activities cease during red alert periods and appropriate shelter sought.
  • All-clear signal: Three separate (5 second) blasts from the horn and the strobe light will stop flashing.  Activity may resume after the all-clear alert is made.

ThorGuard website: http://csu.thormobile12.net/

Building Closures

Campus Recreation complies with all University-wide closure announcements.  Events and activities that are in progress will be brought to an end so that participants and staff are able to leave campus as directed by the University. For more information on University closures, see https://safety.colostate.edu, or call (970) 491-SNOW.

Field Closures

When fields are determined to be unplayable (i.e., standing water, saturation, snow, pouring rain, lack of visibility, freezing temperatures), activity is suspended and/or canceled to avoid further damage to the field or risk of injury to individuals.  Fields may be deemed “UNPLAYABLE” by Campus Recreation or CSU Facilities Management staff.  Traveling Sport Club teams can contact the Student Recreation Center Service Center desk at (970) 491-6359 or Sports Club desk at (970) 491-3793 for updated information on game status, field conditions or consult the Campus Recreation website.

To best prepare our staff, we perform practice emergency scenarios using both live people and manikins during operational hours throughout the Student Recreation Center.

We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience these scenarios may cause during your visit. Thank you for supporting Campus Recreation in providing you with a safe facility.

David Karspeck Memorial Video

The David Karspeck Memorial Video was created out of a tragedy to serve as a reminder of the importance of risk management in recreation and sports venues and to honor the wishes of the family who lost a son in a preventable incident in the Colorado State University Student Recreation Center.

In November 2004, David Charles Henry Karspeck died from asphyxiation in the Student Recreation Center pool. It was a preventable accident that involved hypoxic breathing (breath-holding) practice by David and a distracted student aquatic staff member. Campus Recreation discussed with David’s parents how to simultaneously honor and utilize David’s memory for training Campus Recreation student staff about preventative risk management. Since 2005, Campus Recreation has presented David’s story as part of the student staff annual training. His memorial plaque that graces the lobby of the Student Recreation Center serves as a tribute and a stark reminder of risk management practices for new and returning student employees.

In 2012 this video was completed to represent David’s story and emphasize risk management during student staff training. David’s mother, Pat Karspeck, and brother Will Karspeck, a CSU Campus Recreation student employee, appear in the video. Their powerful message illustrates eloquently why Campus Recreation is committed to practicing preventative risk management.


David Karspeck-A Memorial Video from Brian Buss on Vimeo.

Our facility houses several Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for Campus Recreation staff access only, which are located:

  • Equipment Desk
  • Service Center
  • Athletic Training Room at the Intramural Shed
  • MAC Gym vestibule

If you are on the Intramural Fields, basketball courts, inline rink, or sand volleyball courts during inclement weather, seek shelter in nearby buildings.

  • North of fields: Student Recreation Center, Moby Arena
  • South of fields: Academic Village


For more information about our facility and building policies, visit our policies page here.

For questions or concerns or for disability-related accommodations, contact the Assistant Director of Facilities – Tim.Hill@colostate.edu (970) 491-4125.