A photo of the professional staff team at CSU Campus Recreation

Interested in how we structure our department? Check out our organizational chart here.

Administrative Team

We can help you with: Budget Management, Personnel Management, Strategic Planning, Facility Renovations, Culture Building, Risk Management, Inclusive Programs and Facilities, and more

Cody Frye, Executive Director • (970) 491-2301

Tyson Kehler, Director, Facilities • (970) 491-5076

Erin Patchett, Ph.D., Director, Administration & Assessment • (970) 491-0989

Rob Patchett, Director, Programs • (970) 491-7813



We can help you with: Budgets, Financial Questions, Completing Financial Paperwork, Process Cash Receipts, Fiscal Office Assistance

Jennifer Daniel, Business Manager • (970) 491-1599

Kim Vetter, Accounting Technician • (970) 491-6770

Kaesha Kaimiola-DeCosta, Accounting Technician • (970) 491-4844



We can help you with: Administrative Questions, IT Questions

Cassiopeia Camara, Administrative Assistant • (970) 491-0275

Eric Holt, Information Technology Administrator • (970) 491-3062


Marketing & Communications

We can help you with: Advertising Inquiries, Media Interviews or Filming/Photography Requests, Public Relations, Tabling & Outreach, Sponsorship, Fundraising

Contact Marketing Team

Nick Eppley, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications • (970) 491-1510


Member Services

I can help you with: Memberships, Lockers & Towel Services, Equipment Checkout, Customer Service

Natasha Dávila, Assistant Director, Member Services • (970) 491-1462


Facility Scheduling & Event Management

I can help you with: Facility Scheduling and Reservations, Event Management

Brittney Wolf, Coordinator, Facilities Scheduling/Event Management • (970) 491-5407



We can help you with: Group Fitness Classes, Massage Therapy, Employment Opportunities, Personal Training, Specialty Classes, and Yoga

Torin Kaletsky, Assistant Director, Fitness • (970) 491-3319

Taylor Sidore, Coordinator, Fitness Program • (970) 491-5682


Intramural Sports

We can help you with: Intramural Inquires and Polices, IMLeagues Registration and Navigation, Extramural Events, Employment Opportunities


Outdoor Program

We can help you with: Outdoor Program Events and Clinics, Outdoor Gear Rentals, Wilderness Medicine Certifications, Climbing Wall, Employment Opportunities

Andy Nelson, Assistant Director, Outdoor Program • (970) 491-0964

Logan Hoile, Coordinator, Climbing Wall/Outdoor Programs • (970) 491-7305


Sport Clubs

I can help you with: Sport Clubs, Athletic Training and Injury Care, Risk Management, Fields and Satellite Facilities

Rob Patchett, Director, Programs • (970) 491-7813



We can help you with: Facility Amenities and Policies, Facility Operations, Drop-In Recreation, Swim Lessons, Lifeguarding, Aquatic Facility, Pool Amenities and Policies

TJ Hill, Assistant Director, Facilities & Aquatics • (970) 491-4125

Steff Shamrowicz, Coordinator, Facilities • (970) 491-4829

Cassie Moreau, Coordinator, Aquatics • (970) 491-2143


Maintenance & Equipment

We can help you with: Building Maintenance Questions, Fitness Equipment Maintenance Questions, Painting Sport Fields

Uwe Listmann, Maintenance Manager • (970) 491-3092

Matt DeAngelis, Equipment Manager • (970) 491-1588



We can help you with: Cleaning Advice, Custodial Products, Custodial Supervision

Vanda Newman, Custodial Supervisor • (970) 491-1512

Melodie Lawrence, Custodial • (970) 491-1512

Maria Lopez, Custodian • (970) 491-1512

Andy Sawyer, Custodian • (970) 491-1512

Cody Tucker, Custodian • (970) 491-1512

Sarah Krogmann, Custodian • (970) 491-1512

Thelma Malada, Custodian • (970) 491-1512