Logging sports is a sport that incorporates traditional logging activities and techniques in a competitive manner. The team competes in events including pole climbing, crosscut sawing, axe throwing, chainsaw events, chopping and water sports such as log rolling.

Competitions are mainly in the Pacific North West (including Montana and Idaho). Other schools we compete against are Oregon State, Montana State, University of Montana, Humboldt State, Washington State, University of Washington, Cal Poly, Spokane Community College, and Flat Head Community College.

Competitions are held mainly in the spring with one or two in the fall. Practice is held year-round on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm or until dark. Dues are $70 to $75 dollars per semester.

  • Info Session: Contact Club directly
  • President: Chris Graham
  • Main Season: Fall and Spring
  • Practice: West Vine St (across from Poudre Fire Authority)
  • League: Association of Western Forestry Clubs
  • Dues: $75/semester
  • Links: Instagram | Facebook
  • Email us to learn more