Competitive disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  Colorado State University is home to the first collegiate disc golf club in the state of Colorado.  The team welcomes all skill levels, including beginners, advanced, and pro players.  The goal of the CSU Disc Golf Club is to teach new players how to play the sport, turn recreational players into competitive players, and give advanced players the opportunity to become champions.

Disc golf is not the most physically demanding sport, but it takes a great deal of technique and mental focus to become a great player. Disc golf is very much an individual sport as well as a team sport.  Most competitions are performed as individual players, but individual scores affect the team’s overall competition score.  There are also several doubles competitions.

Winning Record

In 2012, the Men’s CSU Disc Golf Team took 1st place out of 40 teams at the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships!  In 2013 another four person team was sent to Nationals, tying for 2nd place and only 1 stroke away from earning the title.  There is also an opportunity for a First Flight Team of four players to play in a tournament at the same time and location as the Nationals tournament.

Do you want to learn how to play the sport, take your game to the next level, or do you want to try out for the Nationals team?  These are all things that the club will help you with.   If you are taking 6 or more credit hours,  join the team and see what CSU Disc Golf is all about!