The Climbing Wall at the Student Recreation Center offers a variety of activities such as competitions and classes, plus free equipment checkout for Rec Center members. Routes and boulder problems are set on a weekly basis so there is always something new to climb!  Never climbed before? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help orient you to the wall and climbing in a way that is inviting, safe, and fun!

Our facility offers 55 linear feet of bouldering space, two free-standing towers for roped climbing, a pool climbing wall, and an outdoor boulder. The wall design is a mixture of high-performance and realistic rock texture to achieve a variety of climbing styles and challenges for all-ability levels.

View the Climbing Wall hours here.

Don’t own your own climbing gear? No problem! We checkout the following items for free during roped climbing hours:

  • Climbing shoes
  • Harnesses
  • Belay devices
  • Lead ropes
  • Dry ice tools
  • Chalk balls

**Chalk balls, tape, and finger nail clippers can be purchased at the Service Center.**

Belay Lessons are available upon request during Climbing Wall hours. Sign up for lessons here.

Belay Lesson

Our Outdoor Program trips also teach a variety of climbing outside:

  • Intro to Rock Climbing
  • Learn to Trad Climb
  • Intro to Sport Climbing
  • Intro to Ice Climbing
  • Alpine Ice Climbing

Check out upcoming classes and sign up here!

Virtual Climbing Resources!

Here is a list of free online climbing resources that our patrons can engage with while being unable to utilize our climbing wall. We have evaluated all these resources in accordance with our own expertise and find them to be valuable to developing your climbing knowledge, skills, and awareness.  Each of these sources aligns with our values of community and inclusion. If you have any questions, additions, or concerns about the resources on this list, please contact the Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs at or (970) 491-0964.


Choosing a Climbing Harness

Choosing a Climbing Shoe

Best Women’s Climbing Shoes

Climbing Ropes

Belay Devices


Basic Knots

Figure-8 KnotVideo 2

Barrel Knot 

Clove Hitch

Figure-8 on a Bight

Overhand on a Bight


There are a variety of other knots and hitches we use in the climbing and outdoor recreation.  Check out one of our favorite easy resources for learning knots: Animated Knots by Grog 

For questions or concerns or for disability-related accommodations, contact the Climbing Wall/ Outdoor Programs Coordinator at or (970) 491-7305.