Have a question about Intramural Sports? Check out the most frequently asked questions below and view the answers by expanding boxes.

Intramural Sports are recreational sporting activities that provide an opportunity for the CSU community to participate in organized events at all levels and abilities. Structured leagues and tournaments are offered in a variety of sports, as well as some individual events. We offer events ranging from flag football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball to online fantasy sports, archery, and tube water polo. The program gives CSU students, faculty, staff, and their spouses/partners the ability to compete with and against their peers, friends, and colleagues in a fun and safe environment.


  • FULL-TIME CSU STUDENTS (who have a current IM Membership & are taking 6 or more on-campus credits)
  • PART-TIME CSU STUDENTS (who have a current IM Membership & valid Rec Membership for the month they play)
  • FACULTY/STAFF (who have a current IM Membership & valid Rec Membership for the month they play)
  • SPOUSES (who have a current IM Membership & valid Rec Membership for the month they play)
  • CSU AFFILIATES (who have a current IM Membership & valid Rec Membership for the month they play)


  1.   Make sure you have a current IM Membership & valid Campus Recreation Membership
  3.   Login (using your CSU NetID and Password — same info you use for RamWeb)
  4.   Select your desired event
  5.   Click “Create Team”
  6.   Follow ALL registration steps
    • Take and pass with 100% Captain/Participant Quiz (follow all prompts)
      • Click “Continue”
      • Accept or decline “Game Day Reminder Emails”
      • Double check to ensure your name is on the online roster

IMPORTANT INFO FOR TEAM EVENTS – team captains must ensure their team meets the roster minimum for that event before the team sign-up deadline to be able to leave the Waitlist and select their desired division.

  • Once a team meets the minimum player requirement , the captain will be required to login to imleagues.com/colostate and move their team into the division in which they wish to compete!
  • League and division spots will be awarded on a first come first serve basis, spots will not be held for teams below the minimum roster requirement Information on how to invite players to join online rosters can be found HERE.
  • Information on passing the required player quiz can be found HERE.

If you don’t have a team, or you just have a friend or two that would like to participate, you can sign up online as a “free agent.”  All free agents are required to have current Campus Recreation and Intramural Memberships to be able to register online.  Participants are strongly encouraged to create a team on their own as there is no guarantee that free agents will be picked up. Free Agents are strongly encouraged to attend Waitlist and Free Agent Meetings.

The goal of the online free agent system is:

  1. For it to be a resource for team captains who have already entered teams to contact free agents directly using the information they’ve provided when those captains are looking to add players to their teams. Traditionally in intramural sports this does not happen frequently, however, as most students’ form and enter teams of their friends, classmates, roommates, neighbors, student organization acquaintances, coworkers, etc., and aren’t usually looking for additional players. It does happen occasionally though, so registering as a free agent in the sports you’re interested in can never hurt your chances of getting contacted by a team captain.
  2. For free agents to use it as a means to contact each other before the team sign-up deadline for a given intramural sport, and form and enter a team comprised of all (or mostly) free agents.
  3. In the event there are more than enough free agents needed to form/field a team, free agents in a sport may be contacted by the IM Sports Office to attempt to get an all-free agent team formed and signed up. The free agent system does not functionally serve to have those that register to be placed on existing teams, however, because as mentioned above, most teams are formed by small groups of students that already know each other, their intent is to play with only that group of people.  To sign up as a free agent, select the sport and league online, then click the ‘JOIN AS FREE AGENT’ button in all the divisions you’re interested in.

Waitlist & Free Agent Meetings

Following the conclusion of registration for most league events Waitlist & Free Agent Meetings are held to fill out any remaining spots in the corresponding league. Free Agents and any team representative from a waitlisted team will be allowed to pick their desired night and time from all available leagues in the following order:

  1. Formation of Free Agent Teams as a result of the meeting (roster minimum required)
  2. Teams that met the roster minimums first
  3. Teams below the roster minimum that were created first

Free Agents are invited to waitlist meetings in an effort to introduce them to each other to potentially create their own team within a league –or – as a way for teams below the roster minimum to recruit players to fill out their rosters and secure a spot in the event.


In an effort to maintain an appropriately recreational, relatively level playing field, there are some restrictions for these groups wishing to play IM Sports.

  • SPORT CLUB ATHLETES can usually play, but there is always a limit to how many current club athletes may appear on an intramural team roster in the same/like sport (“current” is defined as one who appears on club team’s roster during that academic year; practice only players who don’t pay club dues or travel with the team will not be considered club members).
  • FORMER COLLEGE VARSITY team members whose names do not appear on the current academic year’s NCAA/NAIA varsity team roster in the same/like sport can participate in the same/like sport in the Competitive or Open divisions without restrictions. A maximum of one former varsity player can appear on a Recreational division’s team roster in the same/like sport if there is a Recreational division offered.
  • CURRENT COLLEGE VARSITY, semi-professional (receiving monetary pay for playing), professional, and Olympic athletes: Any participant whose name currently appears on a team roster in the current academic year for any of these types of teams or organizations is ineligible to participate in the same/like sport. This includes “red” and “grey” shirts.

  • FORMER PROFESSIONAL, semi-professional, Olympic athletes (receiving monetary pay for playing). A maximum of one “former professional” player can appear on an intramural team’s roster in the same/like sport.

For questions or concerns or for disability-related accommodations, contact campusrec_imsports@mail.colostate.edu or (970) 491-7504.