Campus Recreation offers a variety of group classes that are free to members, including ALL yoga classes. Every class welcomes participants of all backgrounds and experience levels. There’s no need to look a certain way or achieve a certain level of strength, endurance or flexibility; you can come as you are! Ready to join us? Register now!

You can find our schedule of classes via the Google Calendar below, which is uploaded every Thursday to show the next week’s classes.

Dance class participants in a class.

The yoga team at CSU Campus Recreation strives to provide an authentic yoga experience that is accessible to everybody. We take responsibility for representing thousands of years of deeply rooted Yogic tradition and do our best to maintain the integrity of the practice. In addition to the poses (asana), classes may incorporate aspects of Yogic philosophy, meditation practice, and the connection between breath and energy. In alignment with the Campus Recreation values, the yoga program is committed to offering a space inclusive of all backgrounds, body types, genders, experience levels, belief systems and identities.

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Meet our Instructors:

Brandi (She/Her)

Hi all! I’ve been teaching yoga since 2020 (and I absolutely love it)! If you choose to check out any of my classes, know that you can expect a mixture of grounding down along with fun! I consider myself a very casual yoga teacher. I don’t take myself too seriously (and you shouldn’t either). I’m likely to joke around, and I encourage my students to go easy on themselves too. Yoga is a very personal journey, and my goal as a teacher is to help make it more fun and enjoyable for my students.

Cyros (he/him)

Stoked to see that you’re taking interest in my class! I teach a style of yoga that I call “Slow Flow.” I combine a traditional style of yoga called Hatha and blend it with a Vinyasa ~flow~ practice. I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in India and have really enjoyed combining that traditional experience with the likes of yoga in our culture. My class focuses a ton on connecting mind and body as well as observing and quieting our minds. At the end of the day, I hope my class is an experience where you can come and enjoy your body and mind.

Gage (he/him)

The greatest tragedy to occur in a person’s life is to forget they are a life. Every time I do yoga I feel my life energies within me swell, and that is why I teach, to share this great feeling. Along with yoga I plan to teach history in the future as well. I enjoy spending time outside, baking/cooking, and learning.

Jes (she/her)

I love teaching yoga at C.S.U. and being part of this awesome community. I was introduced to Yoga during a dance intensive when I was 15, and 19 years later it is still an important part of my life. I teach various Vinyasa inspired classes and offer sound bath meditations! I am also a Social Worker and passionate about supporting the mental and emotional health of individuals and communities. I love to spend my time with my family exploring the outdoors and being in nature as much as possible!

Julie (she/her)

Julie has been practicing & loving yoga for over 15 years. She received her RYT 200 certification from Red Lotus School of Yoga in Rochester, Michigan in 2008. Since then she has enjoyed teaching a myriad of classes including Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Gentle and Adaptive & Chair Yoga. Julie continued her education and received her 500-hour certification in April 2021 from the Yoga Impact Institute. She believes yoga is a true healer & connector of body & mind. Her practice helps her stay grounded, not only as a teacher but as a mom and wife.

Kalia (she/her)

I teach Hatha and Beginner Yoga, and I hope my classes will resonate with you whether you have a deep relationship with yoga or you’re new to practicing. I’m an environmentalist! Being outside is where I belong, and nature is the reason I love living in Colorado. I’ve been practicing yoga since middle school, and I am beyond grateful for what it has taught me. Most recently I’ve enjoyed meeting new people, knitting, and traveling!

Lara (she/her)

I’m passionate about creating a class where people can leave behind their worries and concerns and just focus on connecting their mind and body. Whether the studio is full of people, or it’s a class of two, I want it to feel like a special experience for you. When I’m not teaching, I love playing Dungeons and Dragons and watching Too Hot to Handle. And I love cherry chocolate ice cream!

Samy (she/her)

Samy is smile setter, community builder, and yoga teacher. She brings an intentional, playful, and accessible experience to her classes. Weaving creative movement, inspiring music, and intuitive exploration, she fosters a space where all feel welcomed, capable, and empowered. Samy is seeking a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at C.S.U. to pursue her dream of merging Eastern and Western modalities of healing and wellbeing. Learn more about Samy at:

Theresa (she/her)

I love to laugh and learn! Come to my class if you want a yoga experience that’s playful and fun. I want you to leave feeling inspired and with a sense of calm. I love practicing yoga, riding my bicycle and playing in Horsetooth. I enjoy pushing myself out of my comfort zone, especially in ice cold water. I love living in Colorado, where every day is an adventure!

For questions or concerns or for disability-related accommodations, contact the Assistant Director of Fitness at or (970) 491-5682.