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Musical Motivation

Whether you’re into the catchy tunes of Top 40 hits or the classic beats of 70s rock, music is something that everyone loves. That’s why this week the Rec wanted to give you some last-minute musical motivation to finish the semester strong! via NorthShore University HealthSystem 1. Reduces stress Finals week is perhaps one of [...]

Rams Take Care of Rams

The holidays are right around the corner, which means celebrating with family, friends and pets! It is also important to remember that here at CSU and Campus Rec, Rams Take Care of Rams. This means traveling safely, wearing your mask, and getting tested to ensure that you are keeping you and your loved ones healthy.  [...]

Rec Ramble Recap

Read on for more Rec Ramble content! Rec Ramble came out with a new episode on October 22nd! In this episode, Lily and Sarah talked about their survival guide to Zoom University. The Outreach Assistants know that this semester is an adjustment to what everyone is used to. However, we might as well lean into [...]

Why We Rec

Hey Rams! We are excited to introduce our new blog series "Why We Rec"! Its purpose is to inspire and give hope to you all. There will be more Why We Rec content across the board, so keep an eye out on social media! In the meantime, check out our first installment with pro-staff Taylor [...]

Pandemic Profession: Group Fitness

Lexi Broz has been a part of the fitness world for most of her life, playing volleyball and basketball all through her primary education. When she came to CSU, she wanted to continue being healthy and fit but was not sure how to do so without the motivation of a sport. That’s when she discovered [...]

Food for Thought

With the semester now in full swing, school has taken over our brains. From keeping track of due dates to making sure you are in the right Zoom class, it’s all anyone can think about. That being said, it’s important to remember to take care of the organ that makes it all happen: your brain. [...]

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