The Student Recreation Center Pool features a rock wall, current channel, four 25-yard lap lanes, zero depth entry with sprayers, volleyball and basketball area, 40-person spa, steam room, sauna, and gender inclusive changing rooms.

Aquatics Access 

Access to the Student Rec Center Pool is drop-in and is available to anyone with a valid membership or guest pass. To stay up-to-date regarding pool closures and activities, join the listserv by clicking the link below.

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Swim Lessons

Campus Recreation is now offering swim lessons to suit a variety of experience levels. Whether you are new to the water, or want to focus on improving your stroke, these classes are tailored to make you as comfortable as possible and increase your skill set. Ready to register? Download a registration form from the bar on the right.

All lessons are open to Student Recreation Center members only. Swim lesson registration forms must be submitted in-person to the Service Center or via email to Nick Pfeifer prior to registering for private or group swim lessons. 

Private Swim Lessons

Registration for all swim lessons and courses begins January 16th


Private swim lessons are 45 minute sessions with an experienced swim instructor. Participants will enhance skills, improve techniques, and gain confidence with their swimming abilities while working in an individual or partner setting. Participants will work with their instructors to develop an individual plan to meet goals, whether it is learning the basics, developing endurance or perfecting techniques.

Individual Sessions

# of sessions Cost
3 $40.00
6 $75.00
9 $105.00
12 $130.00

Partner Lessons

Looking for a more affordable option? Work out with your friends with partner private swim lessons and save money. This is a great way to keep each other accountable and have fun while getting in shape.

When choosing a workout partner, please keep the following in mind: 

  • Choose a partner with a similar fitness level and goals in mind. This will allow your trainer to maximize your workouts to benefit both participants. 
  • Be sure to coordinate schedules prior to signing up. This will not only ensure that you can make the commitment together, but also makes scheduling an appointment with a trainer more feasible. 

Partner Sessions

# of sessions Cost per person
3 $25.00
6 $45.00
9 $65.00
12 $80.00


For more information regarding all swimming lessons, contact Nick Pfeifer at (970) 491-2143. 

Adult Beginner Swim Course

Designed for adults new to the water with minimal or no aquatic experience. The goal of this group class is to help individuals overcome fear of the water and to introduce fundamental aquatic skills and personal water safety. Skills introduced include water orientation, flutter kicking, floating, and stroke development.

  • $65
  • South College Gym Pool (Glen Morris Field House Pool)
  • Taught by experienced swim instructors
  • Session 1: January 30 - February 22 (Tuesdays and Thursdays) • 7:00 - 7:45 pm
  • Session 2: April 2 - April 25 (Mondays and Wednesdays) • 7:00 - 7:45 pm

Adult Intermediate Swim Course

This class provides guided instruction and practice for swimmers with limited swimming range and experience. Instructional skills include stroke techniques of front crawl, rotary breathing, and proper swimming technique. Participants must be comfortable in water, have the ability to float on front, and have at least minimal arm/leg coordination.

  • $65
  • South College Gym Pool (Glen Morris Field House Pool)
  • Taught by experienced swim instructors
  • Session 1: January 30 - February 22 (Tuesdays and Thursdays) • 8:00 - 8:45 pm
  • Session 2: April 2 - April 25 (Mondays and Wednesdays) • 8:00 - 8:45 pm


  • Travel at least 5 yards, submerge 3 times, and exit the water

  • Glide on front at least 5 yards, roll to a back float for 3 seconds and recover to a vertical position

  • In chest-deep water, perform a front float for 5 seconds, roll to back, float for 5 seconds then return to a vertical position

  • Perform a back float for 5 seconds, roll to front then recover to a vertical position

  • Push off and swim using combined arm and leg actions on front for 10 yards, roll to back, float for 15 seconds, roll to the front then continue swimming for 10 yards

  • Swim elementary backstroke for 10 yards

  • Swim side stroke for 10 yards