We are dedicated to creating a space that celebrates, supports, and affirms all Rams, from all backgrounds, abilities, and fitness levels. This commitment is backed up with action. Read on to find out what we are doing to meet our goal of being an inclusive place on campus for everyone.

A photo of the Rec Center at CSU at dusk.

Inclusivity Committee

Campus Recreation’s Inclusivity Committee is comprised of students and professional staff members. The Committee meets monthly to make recommendations and changes to the department, participate in trainings and education, and work collaboratively on improving the inclusive environment for all CSU community members. Sub-committees also work on special projects throughout the year, such as the introduction of new adaptive equipment, EDI trainings, review of hiring practices, departmental assessments, and more. Do you have a suggestion for the Inclusivity Committee? We welcome you to contact the Director of Administration and Assessment at Erin.Patchett@colostate.edu or (970) 491-0989

Take a look at our Inclusivity Assessments!

Adaptive Activities

In order to serve Rams of all backgrounds, our programs, events, and activities that are adaptive now feature the Adaptive Activity icon to indicate that accommodations are possible. The icon is featured on all printed schedules and marketing and indicates that individuals looking for specific accommodations for a disability (mental, emotional, physical, learning), reach out to the staff listed. Each individual has different needs and we are excited to have a conversation with you to see how we can best serve your needs so that you, too, can be a Rec’ing Ram!

Our adaptive activity logo.

Inclusive Facilities

Campus Recreation is dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming space to members from all backgrounds and fitness levels. Our award-winning recreation facility features all-gender restrooms and changing rooms, a lactation room for nursing parents, and braille on a variety of fitness machines.

Download our building map to locate our elevators, adaptive equipment, and more.

All Gender  Restrooms, changing rooms, and lockers

Campus Recreation is proud to provide all-gender restrooms, changing rooms, and rentable semester lockers. An all-gender restroom is located in the lobby, on the 2nd floor outside of Studio 4, and outside of the MAC Gym.

There are two all-gender changing rooms located near the equipment desk at the entrance to the pool. These changing rooms include a sink, toilet, and shower. The all-gender changing rooms were designed to provide a safe and inclusive locker area for many members of the ram family as well as their guests. Priority for these spaces is for the following: transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming patrons; patrons with disabilities who may also have a personal care attendant or service animal; patrons with children; and those who may need a single lockable stall for other safety reasons. With only 2 rooms in this area, we ask you to consider using the gender-specific locker rooms if those are spaces that work for you in order to leave the all-gender spaces available for those who depend on access to them.

We also provide rentable lockers within the all-gender-changing space. For information on how to reserve these lockers, please contact Elizabeth Croft at elizabeth.croft@colostate.edu.

ADA Lockers

We provide rentable ADA lockers within the men’s locker room and the women’s locker room. To reserve these lockers, please email the locker room you are interested in to Elizabeth Croft at elizabeth.croft@colostate.edu.

Nursing Parents

In partnership with Commitment to Campus, Campus Rec supports the wellbeing of nursing parents at CSU through the Lactation Room program. Nursing parents can contact the Rec center via this form to reserve one of the two massage therapy rooms. This applies to parents who need to reserve a quiet space to bottle feed as well. Download a copy of the full policy here. Reservations cannot be made more than 24 hours in advance, due to the nature of the massage therapy schedule. To see all of the lactation rooms on campus, visit the Facilities website here.

Adaptable Fitness Equipment

Campus Rec is continuing to improve programs and facilities to enhance accessibility for all patrons. In addition to compliance with all ADA laws (such as ramps, elevators, pool lifts, etc), we also provide cardio machines with buttons in braille (one upright bike, recumbent bike, elliptical, and treadmill), a SciFit Arm Ergometer, and all our FreeMotion equipment located on the 1st floor is designed for adaptive recreation.  Please see Campus Recreation staff for the location of this equipment.

Adaptable Aquatic Equipment

Our Aquatic Center includes an aquatic lift to aid patrons in entering the lap lane portion of the pool, as well as a zero-depth entry into the multi-use area for swimming. In addition, we offer patrons the use of our aquatic wheelchair, which can comfortably aid in pool entrance and exit through the zero-depth ramp. Our entrance doors from the locker rooms were improved with ADA automatic door openers for ease of travel between spaces and our attire policy has been updated to accommodate individuals who may not have a swimsuit.

Accommodations at the Climbing Wall

Our Climbing Wall is equipped with adaptive chest harnesses to accommodate patrons with disabilities. See a Climbing Wall staff member to ask about using one of these harnesses at the desk located near the wall entrance.


For any other questions about adaptive facilities and equipment not listed here, contact Assistant Director of Facilities at TJ.Hill@colostate.edu or (970) 491-4125.

Inclusive Policies

In addition to providing inclusive facilities, Campus Recreation understands the importance of policies and programs that are welcoming to all participants.

Gender Policy

Individuals are invited to participate in Campus Recreation programs, facilities, activities, and events in accordance with their gender identity.

What does this mean in practice?

  • Showing up for an event, program, facility, or activity is all you have to do to establish your gender identity and participate.
  • No questions will be asked, no proof is required, come join us and play!

Intramural Gender Policy

Individuals are invited to participate in Intramural Sports events in accordance with their gender identity.

What does this mean in practice?

  • Showing up to play for a men’s, women’s, or coed IM team is all you have to do to establish your gender identity and play in that division.
  • No questions will be asked, no proof is required, come join us and play!

Non-Gendered Attire Policy

In an effort to be inclusive of all personal workout attire preferences, Campus Recreation has an open attire policy.

What does this mean in practice?

  • Beyond our facility policies (i.e. no jeans, tennis shoes required, etc.), we do not require gender-specific attire within the Rec Center. Participants are encouraged to wear whatever attire honors their workout experience most, including sports bras, muscle tees, loose or tight-fitting clothing, etc.
  • Wondering what to wear in the pool? We ask that patrons wear clean attire that is most comfortable for their needs. Examples include swimsuits, athletic shirts/shorts, athletic pants, or water shoes. To ensure your safety, please do not wear jeans, socks, street shoes, or solely undergarments.

Spouse/Partner Membership Policy

In order for a spouse/partner to purchase a membership, the Student Rec Center member and spouse/partner must bring in a common bill or piece of mail that has both people’s names on it.

What does this mean in practice?

  • We do not ask for anything from you beyond a single piece of mail or bill to purchase a membership for your spouse or partner.
  • You can purchase a membership for your partner in-person at the Rec Center. Both parties must be available to initially set-up the membership, but after that, your partner can gain access to the Rec Center on their own.


Personal Care Assistants (PCA) are eligible to access the Student Recreation Center in order to aid someone in their workout. The Personal Care Assistant will be required to sign a Campus Recreation Waiver, Information Form, and have their picture taken for a Campus Recreation Volunteer ID Card. PCAs can access the Student Recreation Center only during times with the individual needing assistance, they should remain with the individual needing assistance, and can only assist the individual needing help. PCAs can attend various events and programs offered by Campus Recreation to assist those in need. PCAs who are not affiliated with the University are ineligible for a Campus Recreation membership and are not allowed to work out or use the facility for their own benefit. Please contact Elizabeth Croft at elizabeth.croft@colostate.edu.

Period Products

As part of Colorado State University’s commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing of all individuals, Campus Recreation has partnered with the Period Product Task Force to provide free period products including tampons and pads, in each of the all-gender restrooms within the Student Recreation Center. You can learn more about this university-wide initiative here.

Staff Trainings

We offer a variety of training opportunities to our staff to further our commitment to providing welcoming customer service and programs.

What does this mean in practice?

  • Student and professional staff at Campus Recreation receive training on topics such as Inclusivity 101, SafeZone, and more.
  • We make every effort to assure that you are always welcome within our building and at our programs, but if you have a concern, please let any of the student staff on duty know, contact Member Services at (970) 491-6359 (press 9 when prompted), or submit an online feedback form here.