You made it, Rams! With finals over and the semester behind us, it’s time to enjoy the summer. 

After a crazy year, the world of remote learning and working from home is still lingering. Hear from Campus Rec Marketing’s very own Nick Wasmundt on being active during this time of transition to normalcy. 

Nick says that in all honesty, he wasn’t too active when things shut down because of the pandemic. But even just getting outside to shoot some hoops or go for a walk, taking a break from the craziness of everything was really good for him. 

Exercising and recreation have been important for Nick for the same reason he thinks it has been for others. Being active on any level is just a nice break from everything that’s going on, and a good way to stay healthy. In the middle of the pandemic, going for a socially distanced jog or meeting up for a six-foot separated workout was a safe way for many to stay connected and healthy at the same time. Now you can join your friends and hit the Rec! 

In addition to what he has already been doing, Nick says that during this time of transition, getting to the Rec is really great. Now that the reservation system is a thing of the past, sweating it out at Campus Rec is easier than ever. Masking up is still required and getting vaccinated if and when you can is crucial. And don’t forget, Rams take care of Rams! So keep on wiping down equipment before and after use and following Campus Rec’s COVID guidelines. 

Happy Finals Week Rams! Summer is right around the corner which means we can get outside! Let’s go through some options of what we can do:

  1. Hiking! Fort Collins has some amazing trails, including Author’s Rock and Horsetooth Rock. 
  2. Climbing. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginning or pro. Outdoor Programs has gear rental options that can help gear you up for this summer!
  3. Walks and runs. A walk or jog around your neighborhood would be good just to get outside and breathe in some fresh air. Don’t forget to take some allergy meds though!
  4. Swimming. Whether it is in a pool or in Horsetooth Reservoir, jumping into some water is always a fun way to cool down.
  5. Tossing around a ball. It could be just throwing a football or playing an organized game of volleyball. Playing with friends is a great way to be social and to get some steps in!


Whatever you decide to do this summer, just remember going outside is always a good option. While school is winding down, it’s important to continue to take care of yourself.


Rec Reminders:

Wear a mask

Social distance

Make a reservation

Take care of yourself

Mon-Fri: 6AM-8PM

Sat: 8AM-8PM

Sun: Noon- 8PM

*Pool hours end 30 minutes before 8:00 p.m. closing*

Did you catch our April Fools video? Check out our “Sweatiest Place on Campus” video featuring marketing’s very own Lillian, Lily, and Nick!

Not enough Campus Rec Center in your life? No worries, you can now make two reservations a day! You can reserve your time slots here.

Welcome back to our blog series Why We Rec! This week we are hearing from Lena Hall, one of Campus Rec’s Personal Trainers. 

When it comes to how exercise has helped her, Lena says that it has been super helpful in keeping a schedule and staying motivated during the pandemic. Whether it’s studying for a difficult exam or doing other somewhat lack-luster chores, Lena says “Through my own experiences, one of the best forms of self-care I can give myself is discipline, and exercising is a version of that”. 

During this time of social distancing and online work and school, Lena has found that sitting and constantly taking in information from classes, social media, and other people creates a disconnect with the body. That’s why recreation has been so incredibly important for her.

“By being physically active, we are reconnecting our minds and our bodies once again. The connection between mind and body supports overall wellbeing.”

In addition to coming to the Rec, Lena says that eating right, sleeping right, and allowing yourself rest is super valuable. In terms of food, she says exactly what you’d expect: a balanced diet with fruits, veggies, proteins, and the occasional cookie is ideal. When it comes to sleep, “The sleeping habit that gives you enough sleep and works best for your schedule is what helps you to be more healthy”, she says. And rest is vital in avoiding burnout, which is something many of us have dealt with this past year. Lena thrives on setting aside one day a week to not worry about work or school to ensure she gets the rest she needs. 

We love to see all you wonderful Rams at Campus Rec. Come hang out with us!

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