February is Body Positivity Month!

Rams take care of Rams, and that includes yourself too! February is body positivity month which is meant to celebrate you and your body! Body positivity is not all about how you feel about yourself on the outside. It is about appreciating what your body does for you. And it does a lot more than you think. 

Your body does so much for you every single day. It allows you to survive and thrive. Going to class? Your body will help you get there. Have a long assignment? Having food in your body helps nourish your brain. Body positivity is about what your body does for you, so let’s celebrate that!

Don’t let body positivity scare you. There is more to it than fitness goals and social media pictures. Food and exercise can be a hard subject to talk about and acknowledge. Loving your body and yourself is a hard thing to do too. No one loves their body all the time. It’s a journey to self-love, and everyone’s path is different.

Affirmations are a good way to remind yourself about your body positivity journey:

body positivity month

CSU Rec has resources to help begin your body positive journey. Our Youtube has mindful meditation and yoga videos that can lead you in a positive direction. 

Assurance is nice to have, so why not give it to yourself during your journey. Loving yourself is a process. You will have ups and downs, but don’t let that stop you.