Hey Rec'ing Rams!

Let’s be honest, the CSU Rec Center can feel uncomfortable for new members.

I know from personal experience that going to a new gym or class can be intimidating, and it’s totally ok if you feel the same.

Taking group classes might seem like an extra challenge in this respect, but you shouldn’t have to feel that way.

In this new series, I am on a mission to try and review group classes at the Rec so that going in and taking one feels less daunting.

This time, I went with outdoor programs on their yoga day hike! Although this particular trip will not be happening again this semester, there are many more programs to pick from that are coming up. Make sure to check them out here.

Before we went on the hike, we had a short informational session with our instructor Chloe about the trail we would be going on, the weather, and what we would need for the trip. If we had any questions, we could also ask them during that time. This helped me a lot with preparing to go when I was at home.

Once Saturday rolled around, we all met at the Rec Center, and Chloe ensured we were prepared with all the necessary gear. I did not have gloves or a day pack for our snowy hike, so I was able to borrow them! This helped me a lot, knowing that I would not have to purchase anything to be able to go on the trip.

We left and had a beautiful drive up to our trail. We all got ready to go and set off! Although it was cold outside, I felt prepared for the weather and had a fantastic time on our hike. I met new people and got to enjoy the beautiful snow-capped mountains. We took breaks when needed and were encouraged to drink lots of water. Chloe did a great job making the hike very fun!

After we got off the trail, we picked a spot to do yoga using the mats that the Rec provided. Our yoga instructor, Kalia, started us off with light stretching and followed with sequences of deeper stretches which felt great after all the walking we did.

our group about to start yoga!

Once we finished up, we slowly got up and got ready to head out. We were dropped off at the Rec and returned the borrowed gear to Chloe afterward.

I had never been on a trip with Outdoor Programs before, and I wish I had done it sooner! I had a great time and would definitely recommend it to a friend.

That’s all Rec’ing Rams! If you go on this trip, let us know what you think. We would love to hear your feedback.

Release Tension with Massage Therapy

A classic way to relieve stress! When the services are available, make sure to book yourself an appointment. Customize this to your preferences by choosing an appropriate massage style.

(Massage services are unavailable Summer 2022, and will return in the fall).

Stretch it Out in our Yoga Classes

Zen out with some of the Rec’s yoga classes. For ultimate relaxation, check out gentle yoga, which moves nice and slow. 

Head Over to our Fantastic Fitness Facilities

Find your favorite area and spend some time getting that stress out through fitness. Exercise can be a great way to release some much-needed endorphins.

Take a Trip with the Outdoor Programs

The outdoor program almost always has something fun going on. Whether it’s paddleboarding, hiking, camping, or any other activities, these all offer a great way to get a fresh breath of the crisp Colorado air!

Suit Up and Enjoy all the Aquatics Facility has to Offer

The aquatics facility at the Rec Center offers a myriad of activities like hot tubbing, stepping into the sauna, or floating in the lazy river. The entrance to this area can be accessed through your preferred locker room.

That’s all for now, Rec’ing Rams! Are there any other ways you like to de-stress at the Rec? Let us know in the comments.

See you soon!


As we get closer to finals season, having a post-study workout session might mean doing it from your room instead of at the Rec. But don’t worry, here are five ways you can do just that!

Video classes

Rec tours

IM leagues

  • Fantasy sports
    • Intramural Sports runs an NCAA Basketball Tournament Pick ‘Em Contest in March and an NCAA Football Bowl Game Pick ‘Em Contest in December. Check back early in those months for information on how to sign-up online!
  • Video game tournaments
    • IM Sports holds Xbox Madden, FIFA, NHL, Tournaments throughout the year. Tournaments are one-day events at the Student Rec Center, usually taking place from 3-11 pm. Check back often for upcoming tournaments!

Outdoor programs

Sports Clubs

  • These student-managed groups offer a great way to participate in the sports you like at a more competitive level than intramurals. Find out more here!