With a campus of over 28,000 CSU Rams, the Rec offers a place for students to stay active during the school year, explore new activities, and relax and unwind. With its high-quality machinery, a large selection of fitness classes and newly renovated architecture, the Rec is easily one of the most beloved buildings on campus (#BPOC). But did you know these 10 random facts?

  1. The Rec has over 250 stations of workout machinery (trust me, we counted) within its 200,000 square feet of activity space. From ellipticals to free weight stations, you can make your workout exactly how you want, and have enough space to meet your fitness goals!Birds-eye-view of cardio machines next to a wall of windows.
  2. Did you know we offer Intramural leagues for XBOX? You name it, and we probably have it. The Rec offers over 40 different IM sports throughout the year, and over 36 thousand students participate annually. This summer, all IM memberships are free, just don’t forget to sign up to register! Get your friends together and try out sand volleyball, flag football, and more. 🏐🏈⚽Action shot of students playing sand volleyball outside
    3.  CSU sports clubs are a staple of the Rec’s athletic programs and cater to all sorts of student-athletes, from ice hockey to water polo. Fundraising is a crucial part of the 29 student-managed teams, which compete throughout the state and on a national level. The clubs have collectively completed a total of 1,983 hours of community service! Woohoo! 🎉group photo of fall 2018 women's ice hockey team in uniform in front of ice rink
    4. CSU campus is widely recognized for its sustainable building designs, and the Rec is no exception. This building has the largest solar panel installation on campus, which promotes efficient and sustainable energy usage. The Rec is LEED certified gold which recognizes its eco-friendly impact. The Rec is proudly one of the most sustainable buildings on campus! 💡Aerial view of solar panels on Rec center and surrounding buildings on CSU campus.
    5. Make sure to look up next time you walk through the lobby, and you might notice eight flying figures that slightly resemble airplanes — they’re actually geese! This artwork that lines the ceiling in the lobby and into the first walkway are textured with world maps, which represent the many locations that CSU students are from. Keep soaring, Rams! 🦅Full view of one of the geese artwork that line the ceiling of the lobby at the Rec.
    6. Big news — the Rec is one of the first of its kind to host a podcast! Rec Ramble launched this past spring semester and is hosted by Rec staff Max Peterson and Sara Baheta. The purpose of the podcast is to discuss important issues about fitness culture such as body positivity and gym-timidation in hopes of starting important conversations. Rec Ramble is available on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, and many other streaming services. Make sure to tune in to the most recent episode, and tweet @CSUREC what you want to hear next. 🎙️

    Rec Ramble host Max Peterson with headphones on ready to record a podcast. Rec Ramble host Sara Baheta behind podcast mic during an episode recording.

    7. The CSU Rec is one of the largest student employers on campus and wouldn’t be able to function without its 350+ student employees. Working at Campus Rec is the perfect opportunity for an on-campus job that is easy to transport to during a busy semester. The Rec takes pride in its strong community across all departments and aims to provide a fun and inclusive work environment for everyone.

    Large group photo of Rec Staff at the end of the year Recies banquet in the Mac gym.

    8. If you’re not thrilled about sharing personal space in the water, there’s no need to worry — the hot tub in the aquatics facility can hold up to 40 people! While you’re there, be sure to make use of the pool rock wall, lazy river, and chill out in the sauna & steam room to get the full pool experience. 🏊‍♂️

    Photo of five people relaxing in the hot tub in the Recs aquatics facility.

    9. With an impressive 55 feet of linear bouldering space, the Rec’s rock wall caters to all ability levels and offers new routes weekly. The climbing wall and outdoor boulder is a beloved feature of the Rec, and is a great way to get out of your comfort zone during your workout. Seasonal events such as Harvest Hang in October and Spring Cling in April are fun opportunities to get your competitive spirit on at the climbing facility! 🧗‍♀️

    Male student hanging diagonally from the climbing wall Display of one of the two 55 foot climbing towers at the Rec.

    10. There is always something exciting happening at the Rec, and every academic year nearly 20,000 students swipe in to join the fun.  Free full-time membership to the facility is one of the perks of being a 6+ credit student at Colorado State. Don’t slack on getting involved with all that the Rec has to offer during your time at CSU! 🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♂️

    Outdoor photo of the Rec lit up during the evening

Don’t sweat it, just sweat!

Article by Bailey McCaffrey

College is the best time to get in the habit of being heathy and active. College campuses provide numerous easy-to-access programs at a more affordable cost than the normal gym membership. Many of these involvement opportunities include learning how to be successful in your own personal fitness journey.

Colorado State Campus Recreation includes fitness classes, personal training sessions, the Outdoor Program, Climbing Wall, Aquatic Center, swim lessons, and a variety of sports to join. Everyone at all abilities is welcome to participate in any of these activities. With endless possibilities to get involved and learn new skills, all that’s left up to you is to find your motivation to come and find what fits you.

How do I get motivated?

Motivation looks different for everyone which is why it’s important to find what gets you up and moving.

The desire to get fit might be up to a person’s intrinsic or extrinsic motivation; it is totally individual. Intrinsic motivation is simple in theory. It’s the enjoyment of the physical act of working out and pushing your body. The love of adrenaline you might get from going on a long run, the feeling of your muscles lifting large amounts of weight, even the feeling of sweat running into your eyes and the sound of pump up music in your ears. If you work out for this reason, you are intrinsically motivated. It can be hard to find intrinsic motivation when you first get started, but keep with it and you might notice that you find it along the way.

If your motivation comes from the desire to get fit or imagining a life where you are more active, you’re extrinsically motivated. Having the desire to lift more, become a better athlete, and physically looking more fit are all included in this. People who are motivated in this way often look to friends and outside support systems for continuous encouragement to find their success. Programs like personal training and fitness classes, outdoor trips and climbing wall classes all help members find a community that will provide fun and lasting encouragement.

What motivates our members?

5 Campus Recreation Members were asked where their motivation comes from to which they responded a variety of inspiring answers.

“My friends are usually the main source of my motivation, I only come when they drag me to play basketball” – Carson, third year

“I’m motivated by always trying to better myself, it’s such an accomplishment to do more than I did yesterday.” -Ronnie, first year

“I come to the Rec center because I feel better about myself when I leave and it puts me in a good mood the remainder of the day.” -Kayla, First year

“I get motivated to work out because I want my family to know it’s possible to stay active and healthy.” -Lori, Professor

“I always come to work out for myself, while I’m at the Rec I get motivated by all the people around me trying to better their life and pushing themselves to the limit.” -Erin, fourth year

If you haven’t figured out where your own motivation comes from, the best place to to start is at Campus Recreation. The possibilities are endless for finding the best fit for you.

No matter where your motivation comes from, Campus Recreation is here to support you along your fitness journey.

Video by José Sáenz

A group of fierce women from the Outdoor Program at CSU Campus Recreation are blazing their own trail in an industry where women have historically been underrepresented. Follow along as they share their passion for the outdoors and their commitment to inspiring other women to find their own path. This short was featured at the Fort Collins screening of the No Man’s Land Film Festival on April 23, 2018.

Article by Bailey Mccaffrey

Not representative of a type, group, or class.

Campus Recreation has endless possibilities for every member, so why can it be hard to find your place here?

When you walk into our Recreation center, where do you go? The basketball court, the rock wall, a fitness class, the weight room? The possibilities are endless here, yet it is easy to feel out of place, or boxed in

Atypical stories are important to share because they pave the way for diversity and counter the dominant narratives. When we tell stories that are more inclusive, we begin to create an overall more welcoming atmosphere for everyone participating in Campus Recreation. It is time we celebrate people who expand their comfort zone and experience new areas at Campus Recreation

The ¡Vamos Outdoors! program at CSU Campus recreation reminds us, no matter what race you identify as, the mountains are Calling you, too.

In the Fall of 2017, Aileen Palma started this program to encourage people of Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx heritage to join the outdoor recreation movement and take to the mountains. On these trips, participants learn new outdoor skills, build relationships, and are pushed outside their comfort zones.

¡Vamos Outdoors!, has been to the sand dunes, camped, hiked, and snowshoed in Rocky Mountain National Park this year. To even further expand their outdoor abilities, the group is headed to Horsetooth reservoir to rock climb on April 15. Each trip allows participants to challenge themselves, and people of all different experience levels are encouraged to get involved.

The vision behind ¡Vamos Outdoors! is to invite people with Latinx heritage into a space of community where identities can be celebrated and deep relationships can be created through the environment and recreation

“I want this to be a good opportunity for any level of outdoor enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, this is a great chance to meet people from the same background and connect deeper through the outdoors,” states Palma.

If you identify as a Latinx individual and have an interest in the outdoors, trips are open and you are encouraged to join. Contact Aileen Palma with the Outdoor Program at CSU Campus Recreation for more information. Or visit our website trip details HERE.

Thank you for all you are doing to break, “norms,” at our recreation center Aileen, Jovan, and all other participants!

The outdoor program at Campus Recreation is kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month with an exciting trip to the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado. Aileen Palma, the trip coordinator and a student at CSU, envisioned this excursion as an opportunity for students with Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx backgrounds and a shared passion for the outdoors to connect and celebrate with one another.

The camping trip is taking place over the 16th and 17th of September, and will consist of star gazing in a designated “dark sky forest”, a visit to the great sand dunes, and hiking through the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range.

“I want this to be a good opportunity for any level of outdoor enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, this is a great chance to meet people from the same background and connect deeper through the outdoors,” states Palma. 

San Luis Valley was selected as the destination of choice due to its large amount of Hispanic culture. Founded in 1851 by Hispanic settlers, it rings in as Colorado’s oldest town. The heritage of this place dates back much further, which is seen through the art, food, celebrations, and music. On this trip students will address their own background similarly, looking at the ways their ancestors found an appreciation for nature. Aileen and Jovan, (co-facilitators), are looking forward to exploring the San Luis Valley, and also to bringing new connections and experiences back to their Fort Collins home.