Bring on the Motivation

Don’t sweat it, just sweat!

Article by Bailey McCaffrey

College is the best time to get in the habit of being heathy and active. College campuses provide numerous easy-to-access programs at a more affordable cost than the normal gym membership. Many of these involvement opportunities include learning how to be successful in your own personal fitness journey.

Colorado State Campus Recreation includes fitness classes, personal training sessions, the Outdoor Program, Climbing Wall, Aquatic Center, swim lessons, and a variety of sports to join. Everyone at all abilities is welcome to participate in any of these activities. With endless possibilities to get involved and learn new skills, all that’s left up to you is to find your motivation to come and find what fits you.

How do I get motivated?

Motivation looks different for everyone which is why it’s important to find what gets you up and moving.

The desire to get fit might be up to a person’s intrinsic or extrinsic motivation; it is totally individual. Intrinsic motivation is simple in theory. It’s the enjoyment of the physical act of working out and pushing your body. The love of adrenaline you might get from going on a long run, the feeling of your muscles lifting large amounts of weight, even the feeling of sweat running into your eyes and the sound of pump up music in your ears. If you work out for this reason, you are intrinsically motivated. It can be hard to find intrinsic motivation when you first get started, but keep with it and you might notice that you find it along the way.

If your motivation comes from the desire to get fit or imagining a life where you are more active, you’re extrinsically motivated. Having the desire to lift more, become a better athlete, and physically looking more fit are all included in this. People who are motivated in this way often look to friends and outside support systems for continuous encouragement to find their success. Programs like personal training and fitness classes, outdoor trips and climbing wall classes all help members find a community that will provide fun and lasting encouragement.

What motivates our members?

5 Campus Recreation Members were asked where their motivation comes from to which they responded a variety of inspiring answers.

“My friends are usually the main source of my motivation, I only come when they drag me to play basketball” – Carson, third year

“I’m motivated by always trying to better myself, it’s such an accomplishment to do more than I did yesterday.” -Ronnie, first year

“I come to the Rec center because I feel better about myself when I leave and it puts me in a good mood the remainder of the day.” -Kayla, First year

“I get motivated to work out because I want my family to know it’s possible to stay active and healthy.” -Lori, Professor

“I always come to work out for myself, while I’m at the Rec I get motivated by all the people around me trying to better their life and pushing themselves to the limit.” -Erin, fourth year

If you haven’t figured out where your own motivation comes from, the best place to to start is at Campus Recreation. The possibilities are endless for finding the best fit for you.

No matter where your motivation comes from, Campus Recreation is here to support you along your fitness journey.