Why We Rec

Why We Rec

Welcome back to our blog series Why We Rec

With the pandemic still here, folx are continuing to find ways to stay happy and healthy. This month, student-staff Kaley Battista gave some insight.

For Kaley, being active has been a crucial part of her daily routine. With almost all of her classes online, sitting down and staring at a computer for hours on end can be draining; both mentally and physically. She says that getting up and working out has been a huge help for her mental and physical health. 

Exercise and being healthy during this pandemic have been incredibly important to Kaley, too. Having shifted to a mostly virtual world, she says that places like Campus Rec have provided an amazing environment to get up and get moving safely. For Kaley, recreation and exercise are important because it’s great for mental health during the pandemic. 

Besides loving getting to the Rec, Kaley says that she has found great at-home workouts for when the Rec isn’t an option. Even getting up and going for a quick walk between classes has been great for her, and it can be for you, too!

We love seeing you, Rams! Come join us at the Rec!