Why We Rec

Welcome back to our blog series Why We Rec

With the pandemic still here, folx are continuing to find ways to stay happy and healthy. This month, student-staff Kaley Battista gave some insight.

For Kaley, being active has been a crucial part of her daily routine. With almost all of her classes online, sitting down and staring at a computer for hours on end can be draining; both mentally and physically. She says that getting up and working out has been a huge help for her mental and physical health. 

Exercise and being healthy during this pandemic have been incredibly important to Kaley, too. Having shifted to a mostly virtual world, she says that places like Campus Rec have provided an amazing environment to get up and get moving safely. For Kaley, recreation and exercise are important because it’s great for mental health during the pandemic. 

Besides loving getting to the Rec, Kaley says that she has found great at-home workouts for when the Rec isn’t an option. Even getting up and going for a quick walk between classes has been great for her, and it can be for you, too!

We love seeing you, Rams! Come join us at the Rec!

Rams take care of Rams, and that includes yourself too! February is body positivity month which is meant to celebrate you and your body! Body positivity is not all about how you feel about yourself on the outside. It is about appreciating what your body does for you. And it does a lot more than you think. 

Your body does so much for you every single day. It allows you to survive and thrive. Going to class? Your body will help you get there. Have a long assignment? Having food in your body helps nourish your brain. Body positivity is about what your body does for you, so let’s celebrate that!

Don’t let body positivity scare you. There is more to it than fitness goals and social media pictures. Food and exercise can be a hard subject to talk about and acknowledge. Loving your body and yourself is a hard thing to do too. No one loves their body all the time. It’s a journey to self-love, and everyone’s path is different.

Affirmations are a good way to remind yourself about your body positivity journey:

body positivity month

CSU Rec has resources to help begin your body positive journey. Our Youtube has mindful meditation and yoga videos that can lead you in a positive direction. 

Assurance is nice to have, so why not give it to yourself during your journey. Loving yourself is a process. You will have ups and downs, but don’t let that stop you.

‘Tis the season of New Year’s resolutions. How does one even address New Year’s resolutions? What are they? New Year’s resolutions are a promise to do something different in the new year but resolutions can mean so many different things to so many different people. Less than 8% of people actually follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s goals are supposed to be positive, but can become overwhelming and can easily turn into something negative. Classic resolutions tend to be about working out or eating differently, and they can be great, but you shouldn’t do it just because everyone else is doing it. New Year’s resolutions should be about bettering yourself for yourself!

Having a healthy body is important in order to have a healthy mind! Exercising does not have to be defined by weight loss or muscle gain. It can be about wanting to feel better physically as well as mentally. According to the New York Times, “people who work out even once a week or for as little as 10 minutes a day tend to be more cheerful than those who never exercise”. 

New year resolutions are hard to come up with because you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. You should pick a resolution that is specific for you. Check out some of the top resolutions for 2021: 

1. Improve and increase fitness skills
2. Improve diet
3. Stop procrastinating
4. Make more money
5. Start a business

People have big goals this year, but don’t let that be intimidating. Pick something that is attainable for you, whether it be taking the time to read a book every so often, or going for a jog once a week. A good thing to keep in mind is making your resolutions authentic to you. 

The number one resolution idea for 2021 is about increasing your fitness. The second top resolution should be easy to guess: improving your diet. The third resolution is to stop procrastinating. The last two top resolutions are earning more money and to start a business.  

2020 was a wearing year on everyone. 2021 is an opportunity to turn things around. Focus on your mental health as much as you would focus on your physical health because they are just as important to each other. CSU Rec has so many options for you to make your resolutions a reality.  


The cliche “new year, new me” should change to “new year, better me”. Focus on making yourself happy. This is a new year to take care of yourself!

...“new year, better me”...

Campus Rec Resources

Youtube Channel – The Rec has awesome at-home workouts as well as mindful meditation and yoga!

Instagram – Every Tuesday we post a Trainer Tip Tuesday which gives you a quick at-home workout that can be done between meetings or classes. 

The Rec – The Rec is open to students, and we are now at level Orange Status. This means that reservations are required for the Rec, the climbing wall, and fitness group classes. Time slots for reservations have been extended to 90 minutes.

Whether you’re into the catchy tunes of Top 40 hits or the classic beats of 70s rock, music is something that everyone loves. That’s why this week the Rec wanted to give you some last-minute musical motivation to finish the semester strong!

via NorthShore University HealthSystem

1. Reduces stress

Finals week is perhaps one of the most stressful times as a student. Not to mention, the pandemic has thrown a wrench into an already challenging week. But don’t fret (haha get it), just throw on some tunes to trigger biochemical stress reducers and dance it out!

2. Stimulates memory

Finals week is perhaps one of the most stressful times as a student. Not to mention, the pandemic has thrown a wrench into an already challenging week. But don’t fret (haha get it), just throw on some tunes to trigger biochemical stress reducers and dance it out!

3. Elevates mood

In addition to stress, finals week can bring up other negative emotions, and with the pandemic putting restrictions on the holiday season, times can be hard. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for some holiday cheer… listen to your favorite songs to turn that frown upside-down!

4. Increases workout endurance

Music isn’t just good for your brain, it can help your physical health too! Listening to music while you sweat it out has been shown to increase endurance and boost physical performance. 

5. Heart healthy

Listening to music can also increase blood flow which is fantastic while you’re working out! So turn up the speakers and get your sweat on!

Want some music recommendations? The Campus Rec marketing team has got you! Here are some of our favorite songs:

Rams Take Care of Rams written by Lily Peterson

The holidays are right around the corner, which means celebrating with family, friends and pets! It is also important to remember that here at CSU and Campus Rec, Rams Take Care of Rams. This means traveling safely, wearing your mask, and getting tested to ensure that you are keeping you and your loved ones healthy. 

As the semester comes to an end, many of us are getting burnt out with being online. It is so important to take care of yourself during this time. Taking breaks is helpful and makes you more productive in the long run. It is key to keep your mind healthy! Campus  Rec is here to help with that. Check out the CSU Rec Youtube channel to find mindfulness, meditation and yoga videos to help take care of business. 

Taking care of yourself physically will help take care of you mentally. Many consider exercising to be essential during these uncertain times. Going on walks around the neighborhood, or even just getting up to walk around the house, helps keep your body and mind stimulated. CSU Rec Instagram has Trainer Tip Tuesdays where the Rec trainers give you at-home workouts to do during break!

Make sure to eat consistently! It is so easy to get distracted with video meetings and forgetting to eat breakfast in the morning. However, eating keeps yourself energized while working on the computer. CSU Rec Youtube offers fun recipes to keep your eating interesting! Also check out the recipes the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center offers to stay happy and healthy. 

Remember, give yourself grace. These are challenging times and it is important to be kind to yourself! You are allowed to take breaks during your busy day. Your life does not revolve around a computer, so remember to be gentle with yourself! CSU Rec is always here to help you navigate through these times.