Why We Rec

Why We Rec

Hey Rams! We are excited to introduce our new blog series “Why We Rec”! Its purpose is to inspire and give hope to you all. There will be more Why We Rec content across the board, so keep an eye out on social media! In the meantime, check out our first installment with pro-staff Taylor Sidore!

This pandemic has been crazy for a lot of us and trying to find ways to make the most of what we’ve got is important. Pro-staff Taylor Sidore gave some insight on why being active is so valuable right now. 


For Taylor, working out has really helped her through the pandemic because it was already a piece of her identity and she already utilized being active as a form of stress management. Now, she says that’s more important than ever. Having an intrinsic value of your body and mind is crucial, and taking the time to nurture that has really helped her. 


Even though many of us, including Taylor, still feel the stress that this pandemic has caused, working out helps to minimize it. It helps create a routine, which is one reason Taylor says it’s so important. She says working out should be fun too… it shouldn’t add to the stress. So whether that means hitting the Rec center, going for a jog, or learning a new TikTok dance, finding a way to be active that makes you happy is just as important as simply being active. 


While pro-staff may not be able to use the Rec as they did before the pandemic, Taylor has still seen all the great things happening on the floor. First and foremost, following the new guidelines is an easy way to keep you and your fellow Rams safe, so no one should feel bad about working out in a mask. It’s all about finding and doing the right exercises for you and your comfort level, says Taylor. She also points out that people shouldn’t come to the Rec because they feel like they have to work out, but they should come to “stay healthy in the sense of being happy while you’re moving”.


You heard it here first, Rams. Come have fun with us at the Rec!