Rams Take Care of Rams

Rams Take Care of Rams written by Lily Peterson

The holidays are right around the corner, which means celebrating with family, friends and pets! It is also important to remember that here at CSU and Campus Rec, Rams Take Care of Rams. This means traveling safely, wearing your mask, and getting tested to ensure that you are keeping you and your loved ones healthy. 

As the semester comes to an end, many of us are getting burnt out with being online. It is so important to take care of yourself during this time. Taking breaks is helpful and makes you more productive in the long run. It is key to keep your mind healthy! Campus  Rec is here to help with that. Check out the CSU Rec Youtube channel to find mindfulness, meditation and yoga videos to help take care of business. 

Taking care of yourself physically will help take care of you mentally. Many consider exercising to be essential during these uncertain times. Going on walks around the neighborhood, or even just getting up to walk around the house, helps keep your body and mind stimulated. CSU Rec Instagram has Trainer Tip Tuesdays where the Rec trainers give you at-home workouts to do during break!

Make sure to eat consistently! It is so easy to get distracted with video meetings and forgetting to eat breakfast in the morning. However, eating keeps yourself energized while working on the computer. CSU Rec Youtube offers fun recipes to keep your eating interesting! Also check out the recipes the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center offers to stay happy and healthy. 

Remember, give yourself grace. These are challenging times and it is important to be kind to yourself! You are allowed to take breaks during your busy day. Your life does not revolve around a computer, so remember to be gentle with yourself! CSU Rec is always here to help you navigate through these times.