Article by Bailey McCaffrey

Once again, CSU Campus Recreation was named one of the top in the country. Recreation enthusiasts at Colorado State that agree that CSU’s rec is among the best in the nation.

Check out the list, “50 Best Collegiate recreation Centers”, posted by collegiate consensus and read why you should be proud to call CSU your state.


There is something about CSU Campus Recreation that stands out among other student centers around the country… So what is it?


It could be the iconic building architecture or maybe our state of the art fitness equipment and spaces. But Campus Rec’s success comes from more than building structure and fitness material.  

More likely, our facility is known for our large number of ways to get involved how there is something happening for every member.


For sports lovers, Campus Recreation offers Sports Clubs and Intramural Sports. These programs are run by students, for students. As an opportunity to get competitive or play on a team for fun, there are many sports and options to choose from.

For those who have a spirit of adventure and a passion for the mountains, the outdoor program and climbing wall is designed for you. Backed up to CSU are the lovely rocky mountains, where there is never a lack of ways to get active and go outside. Having the mountains in our backyard help CSU to stand out among other schools.

The fitness programs create yet another space to work out with friends and meet new people while pushing your body and mind to the limit. With a long list of classes offered the fitness program helps make CSU recreation one of the best in the America.

The aquatic center is also a fitness haven as well, with space to swim laps, relax and even climb above the water during all times of the year.

But the best part about CSU recreation goes even beyond these programs. Health and wellness means a lot to Colorado and even more to Colorado State University. Hard working employees, smiling faces, and the welcoming people make up CSU Campus Recreation and we wouldn’t be nearly as great without our amazing members!

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