This week, take a moment to reward yourself for the miles you’ve traveled or peaks you’ve summited. February is Body Positivity Month — a time to celebrate all the amazing things your body can help you do. Body positivity is more than outward appearance, it’s about respecting our bodies as our home, even if we have fitness goals. It’s a time to practice being mindful of our body’s incredible capabilities, which looks different for everyone. Part of celebrating body positivity is accepting these accomplishments while also being patient and welcoming bumps along the road.

No matter your relationship with your body, the topic of body positivity can be anxiety-provoking in many ways, especially if you feel dissatisfied with your body image. Remember that the mindset of loving and accepting your body is more than hashtags on Instagram or progress pictures, which can bring very real feelings of self-doubt from comparison. It can be a tedious process to see past the small, critical things about our bodies that make us squirm. The journey to self-love is not linear – and it’s okay to look in a mirror and see a beautiful work in progress.

a list of body positive affirmations

Finding affirmations that make you feel confident and assured is one awesome way to practice body positivity. Once you find some that resonate with you, write them in places you see often such as a note on your bulletin board, inside your planner, or even your phone screen. Allow positive affirmations to work their magic by surrounding you and your space with good energy.