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Cardio Equipment Transformation at Campus Recreation

Article by Bailey McCaffrey

The Student Recreation Center is getting a makeover! We are excited to inform our Rams that, starting this week, there will be new cardio equipment settling onto our fitness floors. Currently, we have just over 100 cardio pieces throughout our building, 90 of which are getting replaced for new and upgraded versions over the next few weeks. Campus Recreation saw a need for more variety in its equipment, so variety is what will be provided. This year-long process of purchasing new equipment will come to completion by October 1st, and we believe you won’t be disappointed!

To decide which pieces would fit the best in the Student Recreation Center, our professional staff team did extensive research. There were 230 surveys submitted after members participated in the equipment demos in the spring,, which became one of the largest considerations. Big thanks to any of you who took the time to participate in the vote!
The equipment being replaced had various reoccurring maintenance problems and newer models will allow staff to focus time away from repairing machines to other projects. There was also a greater number of stair steppers purchased due to high demand. Other influencing factors in this decision were tests run at conferences, budget, and manufacturers. We are beyond excited to have this project finished for you all to enjoy. 

Many of the cardio pieces will have new state-of-the-art elements including Netflix, Hulu, Radio Frequency Identification Trackers, and wifi connectivity. This means there is less need for outside tablets, because they are practically built into our machines. Each of the 13 new designs has an exciting list of its own features, so try them all out and find which one was made for you. Below are links to some equipment you’ll be seeing. 

Although the machines will be new, the layout of the building will remain similar to its current look. Ask a Student Recreation Center employee if you have any trouble finding what you are looking for or have questions about the equipment itself. 

Article by Bailey McCaffrey

Do you ever stop and appreciate the things your fellow Rams are doing to keep Campus Recreation the best place for everyone? Do you notice the things you do that could bother other patrons? Although you could be unaware, your actions are shaping the experiences of those around you, whether they are positive or negative. This is a list of 5 things that you should, and shouldn’t, do at Campus Recreation that can impact the experience of the people around you.


DO smile-

Simple enough? We love to see you beaming faces. It makes your day better and it makes other peoples day brighter.


DON’T ignore the Service Center staff-

They appreciate it more than you could imagine when people are friendly and acknowledge their presence. Working behind the desk for hours at a time can feel lonely, so don’t be afraid to say hi.


DO encourage those around you-

Every Ram that steps foot in the Student Recreation Center is trying to better them selves in one way or another. Something that is hugely appreciated about our patrons is you all are quick to build up one another. Keep the encouragements coming.


DON’T sit on the equipment when you aren’t using it-

Have you ever wanted to use a piece of equipment but it is being used by somebody who clearly just needed a place to sit? Be courteous of the people around you and make sure you are only on equiptment while you are using it. 


DO be social-

The Student Recreation Center is filled with like-minded Rams who are worth getting to know. Whether you are spending time with people you came with, or getting to know somebody new, invest in our Campus Recreation community to get the most out of your time.


DON’T stand in the way of people running in the track-

You wouldn’t want to interfere with their run, would you? It is a Student Recreation Center policy to use the outside lanes of the track if you are walking or doing anything on the track that could slow someone behind you.


DO re-rack your weights-

Putting your weights back where you got them is an easy way to respect the Student Recreation Center staff and your fellow Recing Rams.


DON’T leave your weights without putting them away-

Get the point? This is clearly important to students, patrons, and staff at Campus Recreation. It helps keep the Student Recreation Center clean and safe. It also lets people know when you are done using a piece of equipment, instead of having to wonder if someone is coming back for a set. We need your help keeping the weights in the right spots.


DO keep things clean-

Facilities staff and other Rams are thankful to our patrons who wipe down the equipment after using it to keep things clean and tidy. We appreciate you all who help keep Campus Recreation how it is!


Don’t break policies-

There are policies to follow at Campus Recreation which have been created to keep the environment safe and enjoyable for everyone. The policies include keeping backpacks and jackets in lockers, wearing closed toed shoes, not wearing jeans on the equipment, not using chalk, etc. Please pay attention to the extended list of the policies posted on the walls of the fitness floors, or an extended list can be found on our website here.

A huge thanks to our Rams who have made Campus Recreation the best place on campus! 

The outdoor program at Campus Recreation is kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month with an exciting trip to the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado. Aileen Palma, the trip coordinator and a student at CSU, envisioned this excursion as an opportunity for students with Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx backgrounds and a shared passion for the outdoors to connect and celebrate with one another.

The camping trip is taking place over the 16th and 17th of September, and will consist of star gazing in a designated “dark sky forest”, a visit to the great sand dunes, and hiking through the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range.

“I want this to be a good opportunity for any level of outdoor enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, this is a great chance to meet people from the same background and connect deeper through the outdoors,” states Palma. 

San Luis Valley was selected as the destination of choice due to its large amount of Hispanic culture. Founded in 1851 by Hispanic settlers, it rings in as Colorado’s oldest town. The heritage of this place dates back much further, which is seen through the art, food, celebrations, and music. On this trip students will address their own background similarly, looking at the ways their ancestors found an appreciation for nature. Aileen and Jovan, (co-facilitators), are looking forward to exploring the San Luis Valley, and also to bringing new connections and experiences back to their Fort Collins home.