Campus Recreation hosted the first-ever Zombie Tag on October 28, 2014. 123 students participated in the games, with 28 teams of 3 “humans” and over 30 “zombies” to chase them down in the dark. The game started in the lobby of the Rec Center, where students who signed up as zombies met to strategize and “zombiefy” themselves with special-effect makeup. The human teams were given a map of the course that indicated the boundaries of the game, where each checkpoint was, and the points for each glowstick located at the checkpoints. Each human wore a flag football belt, which the zombies were tasked with trying to chase down and grab. Teams were given free range to decide which areas of the map to tackle first, as long as they were back in the lobby within the 30 minute timeline. 

Teams assembled outside, and at the sound of the bull-horn, the humans took off into the night to reach as many checkpoints as possible. Zombies were ready for them, hidden all along the course in bushes, dark alleys, corners, and on the dark IM fields. There were 5 checkpoints marked by a student-staff member with a handfull of glowsticks, and bonus glowsticks were hidden all along the course, enticing humans to take their chances in some of the darkest, most dangerous areas of the course.

At the end of the game, all the teams made it back on-time, but the flag football belts were certainly scarce. The winning team, The Supernaturals, ended up collecting all 5 checkpoint glowsticks, found a bonus glowstick on the course, and survived with all their flag football belts. Team members included Marcus Hauge, Jesse Jacobson, and Corey Muse. 

Zombies also competed with one another to see who could come back with the most flag football belts. That title went to Jackson Haider, who came back with 17 belts!

Campus Recreation cannot wait to host next year’s event, and hope to make the course even bigger and better, with more checkpoints, more zombies, and more challenges!

The Outdoor Program at Campus Recreation is hosting the 2nd Annual Harvest Hang Bouldering Competition! All ability levels are welcome, and space is filling up fast. Sessions are divided into three segments, with half the competitors participating in the early session from 4:00 – 6:00 pm, and the second half competing from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. The top climbers from each session will then go head-to-head in the finals from 8:00 – 10:00 pm. Prizes are awarded to the winners, and a raffle will take place during the finals with tons of amazing giveaway items. 


Registration for the event is $12.00, and $14.00 if you register the day-of. Students and Rec Center Members are invited to compete, and can sign-up at the Outdoor Program desk in the lobby of the Rec Center.