The CSU Climbing Sport Club competed at the Collegiate Climbing Series (CCS) National Championships this past week in San Diego, California, operated by USA Climbing. The event took place at Mesa Rim Climbing Center. Overall the club had 24 people compete in 6 total disciplines (3 each for men and women), with 4 team members qualifying for finals. It was the second national appearance for the CSU team (they placed third last year), and the club took first place in the overall team result!

CSU beat out the University of Texas (2nd place), and CU Boulder (3rd place) for the win. Over 50 teams competed for the title from around the country. 

In addition to the overall team win, 4 individual team members qualified for the finals, which took place on Friday. Individual results are listed below.

Congratulations to the Climbing Club!

Qualifier Results:

Ryan Fiore- 3rd in sport climbing

Peter Hurtgen- 11th in sport climbing

Brian Barry- 11th in sport climbing

Stephen Small- 53rd in sport climbing

Connor Watkins- 59th in sport climbing


Jacob Gadwa- 47th in bouldering, 1st in speed climbing

Johnathan Marlatt- 10th in bouldering

Sam Rothstein- 29th in bouldering

Brett Hoffman-48th in bouldering

Michael Jiang- 33rd in bouldering

Ethan Liem- 38th in bouldering

Christopher Wood- 63rd in bouldering

Marcus Lively-91st in bouldering

Bryan Wholey-80th in boudlering

Jacob Atkinson-82nd in bouldering

Ian Huber- probably around 80-90th (scorecard did not get entered properly, working to get the issue resolved)


Delaney Miller- 1st in sport climbing

Elaina Keegan- 25th in sport climbing


Hailey Bridgewater- 3rd in bouldering

Julia Payton- 29th in bouldering

Laren Cyphers- 27th in bouldering

Karen Gilbert- 15th in bouldering

Kaitlyn Hill- 53rd in bouldering

Giuliana Sheldon- 23rd in bouldering

Finals Results:

Delaney Miller – 1st in Women’s Sport Climbing

Hailey Bridgewater- 5th in Women’s Bouldering

Ryan Fiore- 2nd in Men’s Sport Climbing

Jacob Gadwa- 7th in Men’s Speed Climbing

Full results:


The CSU Polo Sport Club team brought home a national championship title from Connecticut for the first time since 1999.

An excerpt from the story posted on

Kareem Rosser and the CSU men’s polo club team ended 16 years of frustration over the weekend, winning the program’s first national championship since 1999.

The Rams overcame a big early deficit to post a 20-17 win over rival Texas A&M at the U.S. Polo Association collegiate championships hosted by the University of Connecticut. The national title is the fourth for CSU, which also won titles in 1990 and ’91.

“Every time we would go into our arena for practice or games we would look at the 1999 national championship banner and use that for motivation,” said Rosser, the team’s captain. “It feels great to finally win that title.”

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The Rams entered the Intercollegiate National Tournament as a No. 1 seed after defeating Texas A&M to win the Central Regional Tournament. CSU then edged Southern Methodist University 23-22 in an overtime shootout in Wednesday’s semifinals to advance to the championship game.

Saturday’s win provided CSU with its fourth national title since the club was formed in 1977. The Rams won back-to-back championships 1990-91 and added another in 1999.

Congratulations to the CSU Rams!

About Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs are organizations that give students the opportunity to play their favorite sport at a competitive level. The main differences between a Division I (NCAA) program and a sport club team is the level of funding, there is no formal recruiting or scholarships and we do not have full time coaches. As a sport club, the team receives a limited annual budget from student fee allocations and generates most of their operating budget from dues and fund raising activities. Participating on a sport club team is a good way to keep that competitive edge and have fun at the same time.


Campus Recreation Receives Awards, Scholarships at National Conference

Grapevine, Texas

Sixteen professional staff and students from Colorado State University’s Campus Recreation department attended the NIRSA (National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association) National Conference in Grapevine, Texas. 


Colorado State University Campus Recreation walked away with several awards spanning a variety of areas. Professional staff members Erin Patchett and Jason Foster received the 2015 Research and Assessment Award for their project titled Inclusive Recreation: The state of collegiate policies, facilities, trainings, and programs for transgender participants. The award is given to one institution each year.

Campus Recreation was awarded first place in the NIRSA Creative Excellence Awards for their website, Brittany Heiring, Communications Manager for Campus Recreation, received the award.

Colorado State was also awarded first place in the t-shirt design competition in the “staff apparel” category for their student staff training shirt “BPOC, the Best Place on Campus”.


Arianne Judy was awarded the NIRSA Foundation Will Holsberry Scholarship to attend the conference and the NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation Level I in St. Louis. Joey Halpin received the NIRSA Foundation Bill Thompson Scholarship to attend the annual conference. Student and graduating senior, Erin Guy, received the Region V scholarship.

Graduate Assistantships

One goal of the student staff in attendance at NIRSA is to obtain a graduate assistantship with a peer institution to continue their career in campus recreation. All of the Colorado State students in attendance were awarded a GA.  Katherine Montgomery will be attending the University of Georgia, Erin Guy will be attending the University of Tennessee, and CSU alum Brandon Ohr will be attending Boise State. CSU alum Adam Hickle, who graduated last May, was also offered a position with the Colorado School of Mines recreation program.

Committees & Service

NIRSA functions primarily on the efforts of volunteers, and Colorado State stepped up to the opportunity. Staff serve on various committees including the Recreational Sports Exposition Committee, NIRSA Conference Program Committee, Research and Assessment Committee, Foundation Scholarship Committee, and the #RecChat Committee. Volunteer opportunities included staff acting as session monitors and conference program table guides.


In addition to the awards and scholarships that Colorado State University received, Campus Recreation professional and student staff presented several educational sessions at the conference. Student staff member Erin Guy had a poster presentation titled The Gender Line: How It Manifests in Campus Recreation. Heather Foster, Ben Burnham, Erin Patchett, and Joey Halpin co-presented Assessing Customer Service, Job Knowledge, and Emergency Response with Departmental Audits. In addition, Inclusive Messaging: Reflecting your Values in your Marketing was co-presented by Erin Patchett, Brittany Heiring, and student staff member Ashley Wylde. Campus Recreation intern, Sarah Lewis, presented at the Collegiate Trends Research Roundtable on How Technology is Being Used to Foster Student Wellbeing and Enhance the Value of Collegiate Recreation. Finally, Erin Patchett presented along with members from the NIRSA Research and Assessment Committee on Articulating the Value of Campus Recreation through Research and Assessment.

Lasting Impact

The annual NIRSA Conference always invigorates collegiate staff to return to their campuses with new and innovative ideas and solutions, and this year was no exception. Joey Halpin expressed that “the conference solidified my opinions that Colorado State Campus Recreation is providing quality programs and services to the campus community.” Colorado State University left a great impression and lasting impact on the NIRSA community through their heavy involvement in this year’s conference. Brittany Heiring White stated “I was so incredibly proud to be a part of such a progressive university and an inclusive department, and I was continually reminded through the positive comments by staff from peer institutions that Colorado State University Campus Recreation is truly doing great work for not only our community, but our own student staff.”

“The NIRSA annual conference was as amazing professional development opportunity that I am very appreciative to have experienced.  I was proud to co-present with colleagues from my institution as well as peers from across the nation. I have returned to CSU’s campus with my passion for inclusive recreation reignited thanks to the great educational sessions I was able to attend at the conference.” – Erin Patchett

“I love attending the NIRSA Annual Conference because I get to reconnect with and meet new colleagues from across the country.  I always leave feeling motivated, inspired and excited to bring new methods and ideas back to our campus.” – Michelle Gehret

“This year’s NIRSA conference made me reflect on how grateful I am to the people who helped me get to where I am today. I am looking forward to bringing the things I learned back to Campus Rec in order to continue to develop our student staff and offer exceptional programming to the CSU community.” – Arianne Judy   

Professional staff in attendance: Heather Foster, Erin Patchett, Tyson Kehler, Michelle Gehret, Ben Burnham, Joey Halpin, Jason Foster, Brittany Heiring, Adam Walsh, Arianne Judy. Student staff: Ashley Wylde, Erin Guy, Katherine Montgomery, Sarah Lewis, Chelsea, and Emily. CSU recent alumni: Adam Hickle and Brandon Ohr.