Climbing Club Wins National Competition


The CSU Climbing Sport Club competed at the Collegiate Climbing Series (CCS) National Championships this past week in San Diego, California, operated by USA Climbing. The event took place at Mesa Rim Climbing Center. Overall the club had 24 people compete in 6 total disciplines (3 each for men and women), with 4 team members qualifying for finals. It was the second national appearance for the CSU team (they placed third last year), and the club took first place in the overall team result!

CSU beat out the University of Texas (2nd place), and CU Boulder (3rd place) for the win. Over 50 teams competed for the title from around the country. 

In addition to the overall team win, 4 individual team members qualified for the finals, which took place on Friday. Individual results are listed below.

Congratulations to the Climbing Club!

Qualifier Results:

Ryan Fiore- 3rd in sport climbing

Peter Hurtgen- 11th in sport climbing

Brian Barry- 11th in sport climbing

Stephen Small- 53rd in sport climbing

Connor Watkins- 59th in sport climbing


Jacob Gadwa- 47th in bouldering, 1st in speed climbing

Johnathan Marlatt- 10th in bouldering

Sam Rothstein- 29th in bouldering

Brett Hoffman-48th in bouldering

Michael Jiang- 33rd in bouldering

Ethan Liem- 38th in bouldering

Christopher Wood- 63rd in bouldering

Marcus Lively-91st in bouldering

Bryan Wholey-80th in boudlering

Jacob Atkinson-82nd in bouldering

Ian Huber- probably around 80-90th (scorecard did not get entered properly, working to get the issue resolved)


Delaney Miller- 1st in sport climbing

Elaina Keegan- 25th in sport climbing


Hailey Bridgewater- 3rd in bouldering

Julia Payton- 29th in bouldering

Laren Cyphers- 27th in bouldering

Karen Gilbert- 15th in bouldering

Kaitlyn Hill- 53rd in bouldering

Giuliana Sheldon- 23rd in bouldering

Finals Results:

Delaney Miller – 1st in Women’s Sport Climbing

Hailey Bridgewater- 5th in Women’s Bouldering

Ryan Fiore- 2nd in Men’s Sport Climbing

Jacob Gadwa- 7th in Men’s Speed Climbing

Full results: