New Cardio Equipment Launch

Talk About A #GlowUp

Cardio Equipment Transformation at Campus Recreation

Article by Bailey McCaffrey

The Student Recreation Center is getting a makeover! We are excited to inform our Rams that, starting this week, there will be new cardio equipment settling onto our fitness floors. Currently, we have just over 100 cardio pieces throughout our building, 90 of which are getting replaced for new and upgraded versions over the next few weeks. Campus Recreation saw a need for more variety in its equipment, so variety is what will be provided. This year-long process of purchasing new equipment will come to completion by October 1st, and we believe you won’t be disappointed!

To decide which pieces would fit the best in the Student Recreation Center, our professional staff team did extensive research. There were 230 surveys submitted after members participated in the equipment demos in the spring,, which became one of the largest considerations. Big thanks to any of you who took the time to participate in the vote!
The equipment being replaced had various reoccurring maintenance problems and newer models will allow staff to focus time away from repairing machines to other projects. There was also a greater number of stair steppers purchased due to high demand. Other influencing factors in this decision were tests run at conferences, budget, and manufacturers. We are beyond excited to have this project finished for you all to enjoy. 

Many of the cardio pieces will have new state-of-the-art elements including Netflix, Hulu, Radio Frequency Identification Trackers, and wifi connectivity. This means there is less need for outside tablets, because they are practically built into our machines. Each of the 13 new designs has an exciting list of its own features, so try them all out and find which one was made for you. Below are links to some equipment you’ll be seeing. 

Although the machines will be new, the layout of the building will remain similar to its current look. Ask a Student Recreation Center employee if you have any trouble finding what you are looking for or have questions about the equipment itself.