Climbing Wall

The Outdoor Program manages the climbing wall at the Student Recreation Center and offers a variety of activities such as bouldering competitions, belay training, and more. Check out the information below to learn more.

Climbing Wall Info

The Climbing Wall at the Student Recreation Center offers a variety of activities such as competitions and classes, plus free equipment checkout for Rec Center members. Routes and boulder problems are set on a weekly basis so there is always something new to climb!  Never climbed before? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help orient you to the wall and climbing in a way that is inviting, safe, and fun! 

Our facility offers 55 linear feet of bouldering space, two free-standing towers for roped climbing, and the outdoor boulder. The wall design is a mixture of high-performance and realistic rock texture to achieve a variety of climbing styles and challenges for all-ability levels. 


Open Bouldering

The climbing wall is open for bouldering during normal Rec Center hours except for Saturdays from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm when it is closed for route setting. 

Roped Climbing & Equipment Checkout

  • Monday – Friday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm

All patrons using the Climbing Wall check in and obtain a wristband at the Service Center during open bouldering. Wristbands and check in begin at the Climbing Wall desk during roped climbing hours. 

Special Programming & Events

Climbing Wall Classes

Climbing Wall Programs Spring 2019

  • Top Rope Belay Lessons – FREE
    • Monday-Friday • Anytime between 4-8pm
  • Learn to Climb – Free
    • Monday, Feb 18 • 6-8pm
    • Monday, Mar 4 • 6-8pm
    • Monday, Apr 1 • 6-8pm
    • Monday, Apr 15 • 6-8pm
    • Monday, Apr 29 • 6-8pm
  • Lead Climbing Class - $5.00
    • Sunday, Feb 10 • 12-4pm
    • Sunday, Feb 24 • 12-4pm
    • Sunday, Mar 10 • 12-4pm
    • Sunday, Mar 31 • 12-4pm
    • Sunday, Apr 14 • 12-4pm
    • Sunday, Apr 28 • 12-4pm
  • Sport Climbing Anchors -  $5.00
    • Thurs, Mar 21 • 6-8pm
    • Tues, Apr 16 • 6-8pm
  • Rappelling - $5.00
    • Tues, Mar 19 • 6-8pm
    • Tues, Apr 23 • 6-8pm
  • Spring Cling Bouldering Competition
    • Tues, Apr 9 • Early Session (4-6pm); Late Session (6-8pm)
  • February Flash Roped Climbing Competition
    • Sunday, Feb 17 • 3-8pm

Registration $5.00 – Register at the Service Center or online at

Questions? Please contact Andy Nelson, Outdoor Program Coordinator at

Class descriptions:

  • Learn to Climb - This class provides an easy and inclusive introduction to indoor rock climbing. Learn how to use our facility, the basics of climbing movement, and feel confident exploring the climbing wall.
  • Top-Rope Belay Lessons - Stop by the Climbing Wall desk anytime between 5-8pm to receive a free top-rope belay lesson. More information below our on belay checkoff policies.
  • Lead Climbing Class - Learn to lead climb and lead belay in this 3-hour class that will cover safety, clipping techniques, and lead climbing systems. Pre requisite: Current top-rope belay certification
  • Multi-Pitch Climbing Clinic - This clinic will demonstrate and review some fundamental skills require in multi-pitch climbing transitions.
  • Basic Rock Rescue - This clinic covers fundamental rescue skills for indoor and single pitch climbing.
  • Sport Climbing Anchors - This clinic will cover safe methods for setting up and cleaning fixed anchor systems
  • Rappelling Clinic - This clinic will cover safe techniques for rappelling and descent.

Equipment Checkout

Don’t own your own climbing gear? No problem! We checkout climbing shoes, harnesses, belay devices, lead ropes, and dry ice tools for free during roped climbing hours. We do not rent chalk, but chalk balls can be purchased at the Service Center for $3.00. 

Top-Rope Belay Trainings & Checkoffs

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you start roped climbing in our facility safely and proficiently.  This training will teach you about the necessary equipment, knots, techniques, terminology, and basic wall orientation.  Stop by the Climbing Wall on between 5-8 pm, Monday through Friday to receive training.  After passing a skills check – you will be eligible to belay in our facility for one year. 

Other Classes

Our Outdoor Program trips also teach a variety of climbing outside:

  • Intro to Rock Climbing
  • Learn to Trad Climb
  • Intro to Sport Climbing
  • Intro to Ice Climbing
  • Alpine Ice Climbing