What’s more fun… Playing Intramurals, or Officiating them?

Article by Bailey McCaffrey

The debate is out… Is it more fun to play an Intramural sport, or to officiate one? Both working and playing in this department builds genuine community, encourages physical activity, and increases the competitive desire to be the best you can be. The IM program offers for more than what is seen on the field, the court, or in the pool.


Jack Varuska is a current employee in this department officiating flag football, soccer, and basketball. His expertise in Intramural Sports provides insight on why working for this program is a positive experience and how it provides numerous opportunities for employees.


Varuska is a third year at Colorado State University and began working for this department in January. Over the last four months, he has been influenced by the inclusivity and the positivity of other officials.


The Intramural staff engages Campus Recreation members in a way that promotes fairness, inclusivity, and fun. They also keep players safe and allow for a structured and recreational way to stay active.


There are close to 30 different Intramural Sports offered at Campus Recreation. Each one needs willing and passionate referees to run smoothly. Whether you’re Interested in soccer, softball, football, bench press competitions, tube water polo, spikeball tournaments, or the many other sports available, each is made possible by our amazing Intramural employees.


Varuska’s favorite memory since joining the program was officiating the championship basketball game. “The high level play and the intensity of the game made everyone working want to make the best calls they could.” says Varuska. He officiated this game alongside three other employees, Jack, Ben, and Cam, who made the game enjoyable through laughter and encouragement to one another.


If you are interested in joining this community of referees, Campus Recreation Intramural is hiring; please contact Matt McCarthy (Coordinator, Intramural Sports) matt.mccarthy@colostate.edu for more information about becoming an official. No previous experience is required, because training for each sport is done before the start of each season. Varuska and the rest of the department encourage anyone who is passionate about sports, enjoy physical activity, and has the willingness to learn to apply for an official position. Positions open for hire are posted on RamWeb through your student account.


Thank you to every IM ref for what you do for our department. All of your hard work is needed and appreciated.