Meet the Staff: Maria Camargo

Sport Clubs Intern

By Bailey McCaffrey

Maria Camargo took the Rec’ing Ram by the horns when she started an internship at CSU Campus Recreation eight short weeks ago. In this time, she has positively influenced both student and professional staff in the Sport Clubs program. Her humility, adaptability, and dedication will only be spread further through the facility during her influential time here

Maria is finishing her graduate degree in Sports Management at Western Illinois University, and in the fall of 2017, was in need of an internship as her final graduation requirement. Colorado was at the top of the list for places she wanted to live, so she reached out to Cindy Tse, the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs at CSU. Cindy wanted an extra hand and Maria seemed like the perfect fit for the program. With her previous experience at Western Illinois University and James Madison University, plus her excitement for all things recreation, the position was created for her.

“Working at Colorado State Recreation has been a incredible learning experience,” stated Maria. She enjoys the Sport Clubs department because of the opportunity to work with dedicated athletes and student staff. The program is extremely competitive, which makes her efforts worth it to see teams succeed. The staff is also passionate, which makes for an overwhelmingly positive work environment.

Maria has also been largely impacted by the inclusivity that CSU Campus Recreation encompasses. Stepping into a large department can be intimidating, but as Maria explained, the welcoming atmosphere of the program made it easy to step into. She says she still has a lot to learn from the people she works along side, and is appreciative to be in a department that is passionate about inclusion and community involvement.

Maria will receive her degree in Sports Management this May, from the University of Northern Illinois. Campus Recreation is excited to have her for the remainder of the semester and to see the progress she makes during her time here. Cindy Tse, Maria’s supervisor, says, “Maria has taken on leadership roles in mentoring student staff and Sport Club officers while actively service on three department and two campus-wide committees. Maria brings a vibrant energy, new ideas, and a strong aptitude for learning that complements our student and professional staff culture well.”

Thanks for all you do at Campus Recreation, Maira!