The Fitness Program is your place to go to feel strong and capable in your amazing body! From new friends in Group and Yoga classes to a knowledgeable and encouraging Personal Trainer, you are sure to find a workout sidekick. Want to learn a new skill or continue practicing a passion? Enroll in one of our Specialty Classes!

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Group fitness, cycling, and yoga classes are offered through Campus Recreation.

Fitness Offerings:

Kick & sashay away

Muay thai, hiphop, boxing, and more! We offer a variety of courses for fitness with flair.

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Our certified Personal Trainers can help you along your wellness journey, no matter your ability.

Staying active at home?

We have compiled free options for use at home or anywhere! We have not created these programs but have evaluated their content to the best of our ability. These are reputable sources and uphold our values of community and inclusion. If you do find that any of these sources does not in fact uphold these values, please email, and we will remove it from the list.

There are a lot of workout videos online, and the quality and credibility of those resources varies a lot. Here are some ways to evaluate programs for their quality:

    • High-quality programs include proper warm-ups and cool downs.
        • Warming up ensures the body is ready to handle the workout safely and effectively.
        • Cooling down and stretching helps with the recovery process.
    • The best programs focus on form and safety.
        • Good instructors demonstrate how to do each movement safely and offer cues for proper body alignment. They also provide exercise options so that everybody can engage at their desired intensity.
        • Rest is an important part of every exercise routine. Our muscle groups need time to heal between workouts (48-72 hours); this is how they grow stronger.
    • Avoid content that promises quick fixes.
        • Fitness is not a quick-fix; it is a process with gradual results.
        • Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week.
        • Avoid anything that advertises an “instant six-pack” or “you will lose 10 pounds in 10 days.” These are not credible and can be very dangerous.
    • Avoid workouts that target fat loss in specific areas.
        • Fat loss can not be targeted to a specific area; it occurs across the whole body. (e.g. Doing crunches will not specifically burn belly fat)
    • Once you find a resource or resources you like, remember that only you know your own body. Don’t do any movements that cause you pain or discomfort. 
        • You can make any movement more approachable or more challenging by adding or taking away some form of external load (weight), increasing or decreasing your range of motion, or increasing or decreasing intensity on a 1-10 scale.
  • Need any other exercise swaps? Reach out to @csurec on Instagram, and one of our personal trainers can help!

If you have a set routine that you enjoy, here are some tips that you can use to keep that routine going from home:

    • Be sure to do all movements safely, and don’t try anything that makes you feel insecure or uncomfortable.
    • If you have dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells or barbells, those are interchangeable in many exercises. There are ways to safely do the same movements with different equipment.
    • If you don’t have any equipment, every exercise can be done with only your body weight as resistance, but you can add resistance using household items like a backpack filled with books, a duffel bag filled with clothes, cans of food, a broomstick, etc.
    • For gliding movements, towels under your hands or feet can replace gliding discs, or you can wear socks without shoes.
    • Be sure to only use items that are secure and can’t open, break, drop or otherwise create unsafe conditions for you.
  • Tabata Timer App | Workout Timer
  • Strava | Activity Tracker | GPS
    • Hiking, running, swimming, biking