Become a Personal Trainer


Now is the time

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Starting this Monday, Sept. 10th, Personal Fitness Training courses will begin at Campus Recreation. Over the following ten weeks, students will learn needed skills to achieve their personal training certification. This certification will help students advance in their fitness skills and will provide opportunities to train others who may need your expertise. These personal training skills open the doors for numerous job and fitness opportunities in the future.


The course will be held Monday and Wednesday Nights from 5:30-7, coming to completion on Nov. 14. Throughout the course, students will learn how to help clients lose weight, improve flexibility, build strength, and overall find a successful fit for them by feeling better about themselves. The course will also give students time and resources needed to prepare for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) national certification exam. ACE is a fitness certification, education and training provider with over 73,000 certified fitness professionals.

At the end of the program, there will be opportunities to become a part of the personal training team at Campus Recreation. Personal trainers are much needed and this positive experience will also advance your career for the better. But no matter if you want to take the course recreationally or for work, it is worthwhile to help your future. 

Courtney Therrien is the Personal Training Manager and has been working at Campus Rec over the past two years. As an experienced trainer, she now instructs the course, teaching anatomy, physiology, exercise programming, nutrition and many other health and fitness topics. Courtney encourages anyone with a passion for helping others, wellness, and fitness to take the course because no requisites are necessary. 

“Every day I train my clients is a win in the books. Every day that my clients step into the gym is a small win, and when they complete one more rep or lift a little more weight or run one mile faster. The biggest win of being a personal trainer is helping my clients be able to move better overall is another success. When a client comes back to me and says they biked or walked to classes or work with no pain, or they could lift a heavier box when helping a friend move is a success. Being a personal trainer is continuously filled with successes and wins and I absolutely love that aspect of my job!” -Courtney Therrien 

The course is $189.00, and will be held in the Student Rec Center, meeting room AB.  If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer or learning what it’s all about, come to the first course Monday Sept. 10th at 5:30 pm.