Student Staff Rec Olympics 2014

Each year, Campus Recreation hosts Rec Olympics, a competition-style appreciation event for the student and hourly staff at Campus Rec. This year’s event was themed Rec Luau, and over 100 students participated in the tropical-themed games, events, and dinner. 

About the Event

Students sign-up for the event in teams of 3 or 4, or as a free-agent to be assigned to a team of other staff, and are encouraged to come dressed in the theme or a team costume. Team names always get creative, and this year was no exception with teams being named Hawaiian Punch, The Beach Babes, Touch My Tiki, Cloud People, and more. Teams start the night with dinner (this year it was a delicious Hawaiian BBQ spread), and then participate in various events like pineapple bowling, beach towel volleyball, flip-flop hula hoop toss, tropical relay, and trivia. The night ended in a fantastic final-event where professional staff hid hundreds and hundreds of little rubber duckies throughout the Rec Center, and teams were released from the main gym to hunt down the ducks as fast as possible.

Rec’d the Rec

The top three teams receive a coveted “I Rec’d the Rec” t-shirt, and the top team gets their photo and names engraved into a plaque to live forever in infamy in the employee break room.

The event is hosted by the Employee Appreciation Committee as a way to acknowledge, appreciate and thank the student employees for all their hard work and to build community and develop relationships across program areas.

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