Ram Recharge

Ram Recharge

Ram Recharge is a unique and challenging 9-week fitness program designed to motivate, inspire, and help participants reach their wellness goals in a positive, healthy way.

General Program Information

The Ram Recharge Fitness Program lasts 9 weeks, and is held over the spring semester. Participants get access to specialized and adaptive training with certified Personal Trainers during a weekly group workout, wellness presentations, a workout log book, full fitness assessments at the start and finish of the program, a t-shirt, and more. The program kicks off with a fitness assessment and motivation workshop, and at the completion of the program, participants are recognized with an awards banquet.


“Ram Recharge inspired me to push myself not only in our workouts in but in school and life as well.” – Kelsey


“Ram Recharge is a great program to get you moving and help you reach your health goals. The trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful and the group workouts help keep you accountable to your team. By the end of the program I am much stronger, I have lost weight, and feel more confident about working out on my own going forward.” – Previous Participant

Workout Structure

Workouts occur weekly, and participants are split into two workout groups: Green & Gold. 

  • Green group workouts: Mondays & Wednesdays from 8:15 - 9:15 pm
  • Gold group workouts: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:15 - 7:15 am


Top participants will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony banquet and include:

  • Individual participant based on the following factors:
    • Percent loss of body weight
    • Percent body fat loss
    • Overall change in fitness
    • Participation
    • Team award
      • Based on team attendance

2017 Ram Recharge Sponsors


We would like to thank Outpost Sunsport for sponsoring the 2017 Ram Recharge Awards Ceremony!

Also, thanks to the CSU Bookstore for providing prizes to the top Ram Recharge participants!


“This program has helped me keep up with my fitness and motivation. I did this last year and it really kick started my health and fitness. I loved it so much that I wanted to do it this year. I have seen a huge difference in my health and body from beginning of last year's program to now. I am so much more educated and confident.” – Previous Participant


To participate in the Ram Recharge program, you must...

  • Be a current Rec Center Member (CSU full-time students, or faculty/staff, part-time students, or spouse/partners with membership)
  • Be in a five to six person team (You may sign-up with or without your own team members)
  • Complete a medicial screening form
    • If medicial screening form shows a Physician's Referral is necessary, it must be completed and turned into the Service Center in the Student Rec Center prior to the start of the program. 
  • Attendance Policy:
    • To be an effective program for all participants, you must commit to attending the initial and final fitness assessments.
    • You may miss a maximum for five workouts total over the nine weeks.
    • You must attend three our of the four wellness presentations. 

Ready to Register?

Sign-up at the Service Center at the Student Recreation Center December 12 through February 8, or contact Michelle Hall, Fitness Coordinator, at (970) 491-5682.

“This program made me feel strong by the end. If you sign up don't give up. It will be worth it in the end.” –Previous Participant