Personal Training

Whether you are new to the fitness center, or you are training for a competitive event, Campus Recreation’s certified Personal Trainers can share their expertise to fit your needs. Trainers can work one-on-one, with partners, or in one of the group PT Camps offered throughout the year.

Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers are nationally certified and each comes with a unique set of experience and skills. Check out the Personal Trainer Bios to learn more about each trainer, including weekly availability. Not sure which trainer is right for you? Please contact the Fitness Coordinator, Taylor Sidore, at 970-491-5682 to get personalized direction and matching. Ready to sign-up? Register for a Personal Training session at the Student Recreation Center Service Center desk.

PT Offerings


Session Package #

 Cost for Package

 Cost per Session

Fitness Assessment



Initial Package (Fitness assessment + 1 training session) *required for all new PT clients





PT Sessions - 5



PT Sessions -10



PT Sessions - 20



PT Partner Sessions - 5



PT Partner Sessions - 10



PT Partner Sessions - 20



*All expire 1 year from date of purchase

Fitness Assessments

Everyone has different fitness abilities. In this one-hour session, a trainer will put you through a series of tests to measure several components of fitness including cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, flexibility and more based on your health related fitness goals.  Your trainer will then be able to develop appropriate exercise recommendations, establish realistic fitness goals, chart progress, and determine your current health status. 

Note: This session is ideal for those that are not quite sure Personal Training is what they need but would still like to know their health status as a jumpstart or for those who are either already in their own fitness regimen looking for baseline measurements to assess their progress. If you are ready to begin training, look to the Initial Package for further information.

Free Fitness Assessments

Free fitness assessments will be given away at the beginning of each semester at the Personal Trainer Promotion Table outside studio one. The free assessments are designed to promote health, fitness and the personal training programs here at the CSU Recreation Center. There will only be a set number of assessments given away each semester determined by the Fitness Coordinator. If a trainer gives you a Free Fitness Assessment card, redeem your session at the Service Center by filling out the Personal Training Registration Form

Initial Package

Prior to beginning personal training sessions, it is important for your trainer to get to know you, what you like to do, how your body moves and how you prefer to engage in movement. The Initial Package contains two sessions. The first, a Fitness Assessment to gather information such as past exercise history, functional movement tests, and anything the trainer deems appropriate to help you succeed based on the goals you discuss. The second session is a training session used as a baseline assessment to then use to compare later on down the road. This package is suitable for anyone who wants to assess their fitness, receive a baseline workout and program from a personal trainer. The Initial Package is required for anyone continuing on to purchase any of the training packages offered.  

The Initial Package includes the following:

  • 1-hour Fitness Assessment
  • Guidance on setting goals
  • 1-hour Personal Training Session
  • Instruction of using weight and cardio machines
  • Fitness program

One-on-One Training Sessions

Work with one of our nationally certified personal trainers one-on-one to receive individualized feedback and help eliminate barriers to exercise. By working with a trainer, you will have your own motivator rooting for your success every step of the way. They will take many factors in to account when creating a personalized program such as your movement interests and goals.

*Must complete Initial Package prior to purchasing training sessions.

**If you have worked with a personal trainer in the last year and are looking to renew, ask the Service Center for a renewal form.

Partner Training Sessions

Looking for a more affordable option?  Work out with your friends with Partner Training to save money. This is a great way to keep each other accountable and have fun while working towards your health and fitness goals.

When choosing a workout partner, please keep the following in mind:

  • Be sure to coordinate schedules prior to signing up.   This will not only ensure that you can make the commitment together, but also makes scheduling an appointment with a trainer more feasible.
  • Each session, both clients must be present to train. If something occurs last minute and one cannot attend, the session will be docked from both accounts even if only one client is present.

*Prices include ONE client; therefore, each individual must have purchased a package before being assigned to a trainer.

** Each individual must complete an Initial Assessment prior to first session. This can be completed individually or together depending on the goal of the training sessions.

How to Purchase Personal Training

  1. Download PT Registration Form Online or receive from Service Center at the Rec.
  2. Fill out information, paying special attention to the availability and providing a variety of options to ease the pairing process. 
    • Have a trainer in mind? Request them on your form *Note: all requests will be considered but cannot be guaranteed given the trainer’s availability and client load at the time of the request. 
  3. Turn in form and Purchase the Initial package to begin.
  4. Once the purchase is complete, the Personal Training Student Manager will receive your registration form from the Service Center. The personal training student manager will then pair you with a trainer based on your goals and availability and expertise of the trainer.
  5. The trainer will contact you to set up your first session together. 


Campus Recreation fitness classes and personal training sessions are suitable for all fitness levels and do not require previous experience. Our instructors are trained to challenge participants; however, please remember to listen to and honor your body's strengths, weaknesses, or any existing injuries. If you feel  discomfort or dizziness, discontinue exercising and notify the instructor.