Inclusive Facilities

Campus Recreation is dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming space to members from all backgrounds and fitness levels. Our award-winning recreation facility features gender inclusive restrooms and changing rooms, a lactation room for nursing parents, and braille on a variety of fitness machines.

Download our building map to locate all of our inclusive facilities.

All Gender Initiatives

Campus Recreation is proud to provide all gender restrooms, changing rooms, and rentable semester lockers. An all gender restroom is located in the lobby, and two all gender restrooms/changing rooms are located near the equipment desk at the entrance to the pool. There are two other all gender restrooms in the facility, located on the 2nd floor outside of the Studio 4, and outside of the MAC Gym. We also now provide rentable lockers within the all gender changing space. For information on how to reserve these lockers, please contact the Assistant Director of Member Services at (970) 491-1462. 

Nursing Parents

In partnership with Commitment to Campus, Campus Rec supports the wellbeing of nursing parents at CSU through the Lactation Room program. Nursing parents can contact the Rec center to reserve one of the two massage therapy rooms. Download a copy of the full policy here, and then call (970) 491-6359 to make your reservation. Reservations cannot be made more than 24 hours in advance, due to the nature of massage therapy scheduling. To see all of the lactation rooms on campus, visit the Facilities website here.

ADA and Beyond

Adaptable Fitness Equipment

Campus Rec is continuing to improve programs and facilities to enhance accessibility for all patrons. In addition to compliance with all ADA laws (such as ramps, elevators, pool lifts, etc), we also provide cardio machines with buttons in braille (one upright bike, recumbent bike, elliptical, and treadmill), a SciFit Arm Ergometer, and all our FreeMotion equipment located on the 2nd floor is designed for adaptive recreation.  Please see Campus Recreation staff for location of this equipment.

Adaptable Aquatic Equipment

Our Aquatic Center includes a brand new aquatic lift to aid patrons in entering the lap lane portion of the pool, as well as a zero-depth entry into the multi-use area for swimming. In addition, we offer patrons use of our aquatic wheelchair, which can comfortably aid in pool entrance and exit through the zero-depth ramp. Our entrance doors from the lockers rooms were improved with ADA automatic door openers for ease of travel between spaces and our attire policy has been updated to accommodate individuals who may not have a swimsuit.

All Gender Lockers & Changing Spaces

We provide rentable ADA lockers within the all gender changing space, the men’s locker room, the women’s locker room, and in the main corridor hallway. For information on how to reserve these lockers, please contact our Assistant Director of Member Services at (970) 491-1462. 

Accommodations for Care Attendants & Assistants

If you have someone that you need to accompany you throughout the Student Recreation Center to assist you with your workout, please contact the Assistant Director of Member Services at (970) 491-1462  to arrange for a volunteer Rec Center ID card.

Accommodations at the Climbing Wall

Our Climbing Wall is equipped with adaptive chest harnesses to accommodate patrons with disabilities. See a Climbing Wall staff member to ask about using one of these harnesses at the desk located near the wall entrance.


For more information on any of the above programs or services, contact our Assistant Director of Facilities at (970) 491-4125.

Adaptive Equipment


Inclusive Spaces