February Means a Month of Radical Self-Love

Yoga students stretchingFebruary is body positivity month and Campus Recreation is celebrating with a week of radical self-love. Rams can practice self-love however suits t


hem. There will be activities and encouragement throughout the Rec to help support anyone working to love themselves a little extra during the month of February.

Not sure where to start?…

5 Ways to Practice Self-love

1. Shower Yourself With Gratitude

Make yourself a hot drink, light a candle, and spread some lotion on those feet that have taken you so far. They deserve it and so do you!

2. Spend Time With Someone Who Makes You Happy

Building community reminds us that we’re not in it alone. Positive energy is contagious and you are worth a friend that values who you are.

3.  End Comparison

YOU are amazing. Period. End of sentence. Other people do not impact your value or importance.

4. Find Your Happy Place

Do you feel at peace in the mountains? Are you more yourself at the coffee shop down the street? Do you feel powerful at the gym? Or do you feel free down by the river? Go there… what’s stopping you?

5. Remind Yourself Who You Are

What are you most proud of? What have you concurred in this month? What do you want to thank yourself for? It’s important to remind yourself of these things.

Remember, Self-love is a battle we are all fighting and Campus Recreation wants to help you succeed.  If you are in need of further assistance, there are resources on campus like the  Health CenterCounseling Servicesand the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center