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  • Who: Any fee paying student with an interest in Campus Recreation who graduates May 2017 or later
  • Why: This is a great opportunity to be a voice for your fellow students and get involved!
  • How: The application deadline has now passed. Thank you for your interest!
  • When: Applications are due Sunday, October 11.


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Employee Appreciation Banquet

The Employee Appreciation Banquet is held annually to recognize the hard work of the student and non-student hourly staff that help make Campus Recreation great. This year’s banquet was held on Friday, May 1 in the Student Recreation Center. Over 140 employees attended and enjoyed an evening of dinner, prizes, awards, and memories. The Employee Appreciation Committee, made up of professional staff from the Campus Recreation department, is charged with planning and executing the banquet. 

This year’s banquet marked the beginning of the new theme… the Rec’ies! Students arrived to a Rec’ies themed “red carpet” photo area, and then grabbed dinner from the taco bar provided by La Luz. After dinner, the program begin with opening remarks by the Employee Appreciation Committee’s student representative, Alex Hill, who then introduced Campus Recreation Executive Director, Judy Muenchow. After Judy’s words of appreciation, the program kicked off with emcee Tyson Kehler (Campus Rec’s Associate Director of Facilities) announcing the prize drawings and the Employee of the Year Awards. This year’s area winners were:

  • Jesse Tyler, Facilities Employee of the Year
  • Tyler Kersey, Intramural Sports Employee of the Year
  • Noah Hitch, Outdoor Program Employee of the Year
  • Chelsea Murray, Personal Training Employee of the Year
  • Zach Webber, Aquatics Employee of the Year
  • Dr. Kristin Sample-Lord, Fitness Employee of the Year
  • Ian May, Maintenance Employee of the Year
  • Saibra Rubadue, Sport Clubs Employee of the Year
  • Paige Kempski, Member Services Employee of the Year
  • Julia de Jong, Recreation Supervisors Employee of the Year

In addition to the Employee of the Year awards, Campus Recreation recognizes four employees with the “top tier” awards. These four employees are chosen from the entire Campus Recreation staff through a nomination process. Over 25 employees were nominated for these awards this year from all areas, and the following four employees were recognized as the winners:

  • Kenzie Stuart, recipient of the first ever David Karspeck Risk Management Award, which recognizes an employee who upholds the policies from the department’s Emergency Action Plan and Risk Management Handbooks, and goes above-and-beyond their work duties to keep our patrons safe. This award was created in honor of the 10th anniversary of the tragic death of David Karspeck. 
  • Rudy Parks, recipient of the Exceptional Customer Service Award, which recognizes an employee who demonstrates outstanding customer service to the participants of Campus Recreation programs, activities, and events.
  • Bre Snyder, recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award, which recognizes an employee who serves as a mentor and positive role model to their peers within the Campus Recreation department.
  • Ashley Wylde, recipient of the Campus Recreation Award, which recognizes the employee who most authentically represents the core values of the department including integrity, community, and development.

After the awards were given out and the prizes raffled off, the students gathered to watch the End of the Year video, and then take a group photograph on the grand staircase. It was a wonderful evening to mark the end of a spectacular year at Campus Recreation.

Graduating Seniors

Each year, the best place on campus (#BPOC!) says goodbye to the graduating student staff. From Recreation Supervisors and Building Managers, to Outdoor Program Trip Leaders and Fitness Class Instructors, Campus Recreation wouldn’t be the great department it is without the effort of each and every single staff member. This year our graduating staff are:

Alex Buckley · Alex Hill · Amanda Cole · Amanda Fisher
Anna Kingman · Annie Tomlinson · Austin Goerke · Ben Lasher
 Bre Snyder · Breonna Bost · Caroline Schmitz · Chelsea Brunner
Chet Mogorit · Christian Guenther · Claire Tortorelli 
Connor Martin · Dak Damour · David Feldman · Dean Wright
Emily Carpenter · Erin Guy · Gabrielle Talbot · Garhett Jurgens
Gus Womeldorph · Hallie Wakely · Heidi Mundhenke 
Jacob Millenbach · Jacqui Maes · Jameson Hand · Janelle Patrick
Jennie Hawkins · Jon Connelly · Josh Lasala · Julia de Jong
Kady Tomlinson · Kari Lanphier · Kasey Jones 
Katherine Montgomery · Katie Carlson · Keili Elliott · Kelly Allen 
Kelsey Carnahan · Kelvin Catlin · Kristin Sample-Lord
Krystal Rainwater · Kyle Tosch · Leslie Willis · Lindsay Burns
Maria Regalado · Marianna Maurello · Matt Herschberg
Melissa Bingham · Milo Gomez · Mitch Lueders · Molly Mogorit
Nicole Leicht · Noah Hitch · Onalee Andrews · Riley Ellis
Ryan Brusak · Saibra Rubadue · Sarah Hamilton · Shelbi Johnson
 Tally Ritter · Taylor Hagen · Tony Mixco · Tyler Davis
Valentina Pauna · Zach Lassek 

Staff Memories

Photos from the 2014 – 2015 year at Campus Recreation


The CSU Climbing Sport Club competed at the Collegiate Climbing Series (CCS) National Championships this past week in San Diego, California, operated by USA Climbing. The event took place at Mesa Rim Climbing Center. Overall the club had 24 people compete in 6 total disciplines (3 each for men and women), with 4 team members qualifying for finals. It was the second national appearance for the CSU team (they placed third last year), and the club took first place in the overall team result!

CSU beat out the University of Texas (2nd place), and CU Boulder (3rd place) for the win. Over 50 teams competed for the title from around the country. 

In addition to the overall team win, 4 individual team members qualified for the finals, which took place on Friday. Individual results are listed below.

Congratulations to the Climbing Club!

Qualifier Results:

Ryan Fiore- 3rd in sport climbing

Peter Hurtgen- 11th in sport climbing

Brian Barry- 11th in sport climbing

Stephen Small- 53rd in sport climbing

Connor Watkins- 59th in sport climbing


Jacob Gadwa- 47th in bouldering, 1st in speed climbing

Johnathan Marlatt- 10th in bouldering

Sam Rothstein- 29th in bouldering

Brett Hoffman-48th in bouldering

Michael Jiang- 33rd in bouldering

Ethan Liem- 38th in bouldering

Christopher Wood- 63rd in bouldering

Marcus Lively-91st in bouldering

Bryan Wholey-80th in boudlering

Jacob Atkinson-82nd in bouldering

Ian Huber- probably around 80-90th (scorecard did not get entered properly, working to get the issue resolved)


Delaney Miller- 1st in sport climbing

Elaina Keegan- 25th in sport climbing


Hailey Bridgewater- 3rd in bouldering

Julia Payton- 29th in bouldering

Laren Cyphers- 27th in bouldering

Karen Gilbert- 15th in bouldering

Kaitlyn Hill- 53rd in bouldering

Giuliana Sheldon- 23rd in bouldering

Finals Results:

Delaney Miller – 1st in Women’s Sport Climbing

Hailey Bridgewater- 5th in Women’s Bouldering

Ryan Fiore- 2nd in Men’s Sport Climbing

Jacob Gadwa- 7th in Men’s Speed Climbing

Full results:


The CSU Polo Sport Club team brought home a national championship title from Connecticut for the first time since 1999.

An excerpt from the story posted on

Kareem Rosser and the CSU men’s polo club team ended 16 years of frustration over the weekend, winning the program’s first national championship since 1999.

The Rams overcame a big early deficit to post a 20-17 win over rival Texas A&M at the U.S. Polo Association collegiate championships hosted by the University of Connecticut. The national title is the fourth for CSU, which also won titles in 1990 and ’91.

“Every time we would go into our arena for practice or games we would look at the 1999 national championship banner and use that for motivation,” said Rosser, the team’s captain. “It feels great to finally win that title.”

Also featured on the

The Rams entered the Intercollegiate National Tournament as a No. 1 seed after defeating Texas A&M to win the Central Regional Tournament. CSU then edged Southern Methodist University 23-22 in an overtime shootout in Wednesday’s semifinals to advance to the championship game.

Saturday’s win provided CSU with its fourth national title since the club was formed in 1977. The Rams won back-to-back championships 1990-91 and added another in 1999.

Congratulations to the CSU Rams!

About Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs are organizations that give students the opportunity to play their favorite sport at a competitive level. The main differences between a Division I (NCAA) program and a sport club team is the level of funding, there is no formal recruiting or scholarships and we do not have full time coaches. As a sport club, the team receives a limited annual budget from student fee allocations and generates most of their operating budget from dues and fund raising activities. Participating on a sport club team is a good way to keep that competitive edge and have fun at the same time.