An Atypical Triathlete: Al Alothman

Becoming a Triathlete 

By: Bailey McCaffrey

Al Alothman is an Atypical Rec’ing Ram. As a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering, he began his Colorado State University fitness journey four years ago, after transferring from California State University Fullerton. Since coming to CSU, he created a fitness journey for himself with no limits.  

His Beginning

Starting when Al was five years old, he began practicing judo, an activity he did competitively until he was 25. At age 20, he took up cycling and Mixed Martial Arts, (MMA). As he became more immersed in his athletic career around six years ago, he received some hard news. 

Al’s sports medicine trainer told him because of a torn abductor muscle his sports career had come to an end. “I got really frustrated and stopped working out for two years, until I moved to Fort Collins.” Al commented.

His CSU Journey

After Al came to CSU, he was inspired by the many recreational activities that came with living at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. During a normal walk though the plaza, the triathlon team caught his eye and he couldn’t help but sign up. This encounter sparked his future passion for endurance sports. Although running and swimming have never been Al’s favorites, his love for cycling makes it all worth it, keeping him encouraged during challenges. 

These endurance activities have taught him how to stay in shape and more. While studying engineering and working a part time job, Al has made time to stay active, often training up to six days a week. This has made a huge impact on the way he manages time though out the year, finding ways to prioritize what’s most important to him, such as staying active. 

Al says the best part about kickstarting his fitness journey has been the freedom to eat donuts and pizza, an advantage which many of us can be inspired by. 

“It’s never too late to start.” Al says. ” And always set a long term goal.” This is his advice for anyone new to the world of recreation, just starting out, or overwhelmed by the endless possibilities in fitness. Al set a goal for himself four years ago to finish a full Ironman within the next five years, he is completing a half Ironman this semester, and is ready to run his first full during the Summer of 2019. 

Al’s atypical story is inspiring and encouraging to those at Campus Recreation! If you, or anyone you know, has a fitness journey with no limits, we want to hear about it. Email us at or message us on Facebook or Instagram