Rec Development Program

A new approach to development for student staff.

The Rec Development Program is open to current student and non-student hourly staff members who work for the department of Campus Recreation.

About the Program

As a core value of Campus Recreation, development is integral to who we are and what we do each day. More than just a word on a piece of paper, we are dedicated to providing growth opportunities to each of our staff members in order to develop into well-rounded people and professionals. 

In order to provide enhanced flexibility and additional opportunities to our staff, as well as a framework for how development happens in our department, the Student Staff Development Committee has launched the Rec Development Program.

Staff will use the Rec Development Program brochure (linked to the right) as a guide to follow throughout their employment with Campus Recreation. There are five required courses which must be completed within the first year of employment. Additional opportunities for development are optional and offer more specific and topical trainings on a variety of interest areas.

Foundation Courses

These classes are required for all new employees and must be completed within one year of hire date. They are offered at least once each fall and spring semester, including during All Staff Development in January. These courses are paid (one hour of pay per course).
For courses descriptions, download the brochure PDF from the menu on the right.
  • Rec Ramp Up
  • Inclusion 101
  • Risk Management: Safety First!
  • Customer Service: The Best Experience on Campus
  • Conflict Management: 5 Different Styles

Elective Courses

While these classes are not required, they are strongly encouraged for all employees. Pursuit of these courses and the various certificate tracks will enable you to strengthen your application for manager positions, future job searches, and more.
Certificate programs are indicated by an icon in the brochure. We offer certificates in inclusivity, leadership, and departmental values.

These courses are volunteer-based and are not paid.

For courses descriptions, download the brochure PDF from the menu on the right.
  • Inclusivity Electives
    • Inclusion 201
    • Inclusion 301
    • Inclusivity Campus Elective
  • Community Electives
    • Rec Cares Service Event
    • Emotional Intelligence: Better Leaders, Better People
    • Receiving and Giving Constructive Feedback
    • The Happiness Advantage
  • Development Electives
    • Strengths Quest
    • Tackling the Job Search: Transferable Skills
    • Life Outside Your Comfort Zone
    • Careers in Recreation
  • Integrity Electives
    • Notice & Respond: Assisting People in Distress
    • Move From Blame to Accountability
    • Customer Experiences: Through the Customer Lens
    • TEDTalk: Lollipop Moments
  • On-Campus Elective


Register for courses online here.

Registration for all Rec Development Program courses is open to current student and non-student hourly staff members within the department of Campus Recreation only. All courses are open for registration at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters online at Sessions have limited space, so sign-up early!

For a list of fall 2018 courses, download the PDF from the menu on the right.


Elective classes are not required, but are strongly recommended for all employees, especially those looking to apply for manager positions or take on additional responsibilities. If you complete the given courses listed under a certificate program, you’ll be rewarded a certificate and be recognized at the Rec’ies in May (they also make great resume boosters)!

Student Leadership Certificate

Complete all core classes, plus:

  • Inclusion 201
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Strengths Quest
  • Receiving & Giving Feedback
  • Notice & Respond
Inclusive Excellence Certificate

Complete all core classes, plus:

  • Inclusion 201
  • Inclusion 301
  • Inclusivity Campus Elective
  • Rec Cares Service Event
Campus Rec Values Certificate

Complete all core classes, plus one elective from each category (inclusivity, community, development, integrity) and Careers in Recreation to receive this certificate.

Student Development Assistants

There are two dedicated student staff members who manage the Rec Development Program year-round, including tracking individual’s progress, posting sessions, conducting evaluations, and more.

To contact the current Student Development Assistants with a question about the program, email